The Man

The owners of this country don’t want an educated middle class capable of critical thinking, to paraphrase the great George Carlin. But how exactly do so few manage to keep millions of us in line? How do they keep us down?

First, they weed out the “outside the box” crowd (the NSA keeps a good eye on us) and tosses them into actual (caged) boxes. This is to teach them the importance of complacency while simultaneously making a profit at the expense of human suffering.

Consider the type of people that wind up in prison, a sizable percentage are merely drug users. And some drugs, albeit not all, are pathways to enlightenment. Anyone who has tripped on psychedelics can attest to that. But the Oligarchs can’t risk actual peace, can they? No. They need people killing each other in the streets, keeping the attention on petty bullshit rather than opening eyes to the bigger picture.

“The bigger picture” just so happens to be a common side effect of taking mushrooms and LSD (and other psychedelics). Coincidence? Ridiculously safe drugs, safer than alcohol or tobacco or even caffeine, yet felonies to even possess them. Why is that? Who would have the most to lose with a more thoughtful populace?

Then of course we have marijuana. Big Pharma especially doesn’t want this incredible healing herb floating around and putting a crimp in their business. We can’t have healthier people because then they wouldn’t be buying all those DANGEROUS prescription drugs that the FDA approves and our doctors peddle out like candy. And with the inevitability of weed being legalized, they need some other means of keeping us sick and buying more prescription drugs. Right? So of course, let’s poison all the food! Enter Monsanto and the incredibly rapid rise of GMO’s (Genetically-Modified Organisms):

And yet while all these criminal manipulations are being perpetrated against “the little people”, it’s those very victims that are increasingly locked up by the puppet masters for additional profit, filling prisons to the brim, often beyond capacity:

The proof of their selfish motivations lies in the steady drop in violent crime:

Yet look at the rise in incarceration rates during the same period of declining crime:


It doesn’t make any sense, right? It would take a concentrated, purposeful effort to justify locking up more of a population that is already increasingly law-abiding.

How can they get away with this blatant slap in the face to common sense and human decency? Enter the media. News coverage of violent crime has gone up over 300% during the past few decades, largely due to the 24-hour news cycles, creating a false impression that there is more violent crime. They report more while less is actually being committed.

There are also plenty of claims by both media talking heads and politicians about the supposed threat of terrorism, the most effective method of instilling fear into the American people. Watch any news station for half an hour and you’ll see it. It allowed the government to pass the Patriot Act, which is primarily used to spy on the American people, not to thwart terrorism.

One sample: 

And a little perspective on the “threat” of terrorism that we spend billions to “fight”: 

It certainly helps maintain the illusion that society is out of control and that we need more help from law enforcement to save the day when we think a plane could fly into another building at any moment, doesn’t it? Fear is a very powerful method of control. That means more cops, more arrests, and thus the cycle continues.

But that cycle is showing cracks.

Too many people know too many people that have gone to prison for too many petty offenses. It’s no longer “rare” to meet someone that has been or will be behind bars:

People are learning about Monsanto and opting for organic foods:

Attitudes toward marijuana have drastically shifted:

People are starting to actually care. They’re waking upDespite all this progress in public awareness, the REAL reason this whole bullshit system is cracking is because it’s financially unsustainable. As always, it comes down to the money. The recession took a hit on budgets, so there is now a practical cause to curb the web of deceit.

Incarceration rates have edged down slightly recently, around when the economy took it’s dive. Remember the market bottomed out in early 2009 and the following year incarceration rates dipped for the first time since 1972 (SOURCE).

So we can fairly extrapolate that it was due to finances, not actual crime, that the incarceration rates dropped because crime historically goes up during economic downturns. Yet with crime up, less people went to prison. This goes to show, once again, that law enforcement can ease up if they really want to. It’s a choice; this is all purposeful.

Then we have health care costs skyrocketing:

And just recently the FDA finally decided to phase out antibiotics from meat? (SOURCE) Not because it’s the moral thing to do, but because the health care system is increasingly unaffordable and people are opting for organic rather than GMO foods. It’s no longer as financially advantageous to keep allowing our food to be tampered with. Because, really, does anyone believe that the FDA only JUST figured out the dangers of putting antibiotics in meat? Please. It’s the Food and Drug Administration. They’ve known.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. All these corporations and media companies… how could they really all be working together? If it seems unlikely, look at just how consolidated they’ve become:


Still think it’s all just a conspiracy theory? These charts prove a rapid consolidation of power, which means more focused lobbying to control politicians and less variety of legislative representation as a result. Fortunately, with great consolidation comes great responsibility and it seems that the biggest puppeteers have bitten off more than they can chew. Americans are starting to take notice.

Eventually the only choice will be to cut us loose, whether these corporate interests allow it or we force it upon them. Either way, it’s an inevitability. And only then will we truly be living in the land of the free again.

That is, assuming we ever were in the first place.


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