CNN: Blatant Bias Against Bernie Sanders

Anyone else watching tonight’s Democratic Town Hall debate? If you did, you saw Bernie Sanders get attacked repeatedly by the moderator, Chris Cuomo. His bias was transparent based on his line of questioning.


First he was skeptical that Bernie could even handle being President:
“You have centered your campaign on income inequality… Do you think you are up to the whole job?”

Are you kidding me? Nobody would have ever asked Hillary Clinton such a question! The whole job… Anyone running for office only does so if he/she believes themselves up to the task (whether that’s true or not is fair game to debate). So to ask Bernie if he is capable, to falsely paint him as a one-issue politician, was absurd and unnecessary.

Cuomo then made an unfair attack on Bernie’s healthcare plan:
“The criticism is to pay for [a single-payer healthcare system], what you’re really asking for is the biggest tax hike in history.”

First, it was strange to make such a hyperbolic statement because Chris Cuomo was supposed to be asking questions. The above quote was a subjective judgment, which is completely inappropriate in a debate forum that is supposed to be non-partisan. But more to the point, Cuomo is well-educated on politics. He knew damn well that Bernie’s healthcare plan costs $5 trillion LESS than our current system. Would taxes go up? Yes, by a mere 2.2% for the middle class. But in return there would be no more premiums or co-pays. The entire health insurance industry would be done away with. So while taxes would go up, costs would go down. We’d all be spending LESS on healthcare, not more.

Cuomo didn’t stop there. He went further by adding:

“You’re going to punish people who make money…”

Really?? $2 trillion in middle class wealth was transferred to the wealthy during the Great Recession, which was caused by the wealthy (specifically the Big Banks) in the first place. So to ask the wealthiest 1% to pay more in taxes to pay for improving the middle class is hardly an unfair request. We, the taxpayers, bailed out the banks and we didn’t have a say in the matter! With the banks now raking in record profits and being more powerful than ever, how is it unfair to ask for something in return for saving THEM? A tax hike on the rich and powerful isn’t punishment, not by a long shot. It’s fair.

And Cuomo already knew that. 

So we’ve established that he was an asshole to Bernie Sanders, obviously doesn’t like him. So how did he treat Clinton?

He started by kissing her on the cheek.

Cuomo’s first words to her:

“Interesting weekend for you.. Boston Globe? Endorsement. Des Moines registry? Endorsement. Obama said you are wicked smart, knows every policy inside and out.”

Why don’t you spread her legs and chow down while you’re at it, Cuomo.

Meanwhile, Clinton was asked things like, “Which of our previous Presidents has inspired you most?” Naturally she didn’t say her husband or Obama and stuck to a safe answer. Lincoln. Five bucks says she picked him to further secure the black vote in South Carolina. (That’s just my opinion, not a fact).

So that’s pretty much how the town hall debate went. Sanders was attacked, Clinton got the softballs. So you might be wondering… why would Chris Cuomo act like this? I mean, besides the fact that Cuomo was moderating a CNN debate and CNN is owned by Time Warner Cable annnnnnd TWC is a major campaign contributor to Hillary… but other than that, why such a blatant bias?

He’s Andrew Cuomo’s brother. Who is Andrew Cuomo? He’s the current Governor of New York who formerly endorsed Hillary Clinton just a few days ago. Hillary also, of course, had previously endorsed Andrew Cuomo for Governor in 2014 and helped him get his job in the first place. Another example of the typical “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” game that establishment politicians love to play to consolidate and solidify power.

a-cuomo and clinton_0

Going back even further to 1997, then-President Bill Clinton had appointed him Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. He even went so far as to appoint Andrew Cuomo to the Supreme Court but Cuomo turned it down.

You can read much more about the Cuomo-Clinton relationship in this article, amazingly written by CNN themselves just a year ago in January 2015, entitled:

Cuomo and Clinton: A complicated, but mutually beneficial, relationship

Is your mind spinning yet? Mine certainly is.

It was also interesting that Bernie stood up at one point during the debate and Cuomo encouraged him to sit back down (Bernie didn’t listen, of course) and frequently interrupted Sanders. Hillary meanwhile was on her feet the entire time and did a ten-minute speech without a single peep out of Cuomo. I’m exaggerating on the time frame, I’ll admit, but she did deliver awfully long answers compared to Sanders and Cuomo stood by silently for all of it, never cutting her off.

I mean, Jesus Christ, people… if you can’t see now how deeply Clinton is trying to rig this election you really need to start paying attention.

Hillary Clinton is a corporate puppet. FACT:

Hillary is a Fuck

She supported not only bombing Iran (which thankfully never happened cuz Obama trounced her ass in 2008) but also provoking the Iranians to attack first to give America the justification to counter-attack:

Scary stuff.

She also previously opposed gay marriage rights:

Most damning of all, she voted for the biggest foreign policy blunder in modern history… the Iraq War. And with “conviction”, to use her own words:

Bernie of course always supported diplomacy for handling Iran, has consistently supported equal rights for all people, and voted against the Iraq War AND accurately predicted the consequences of such a reckless military conflict:

Who has the better judgement? Sanders. Who is trying to rig this election? Clinton. I think the choice is painfully clear. Just follow the money…

My vote remains STRONGLY for Bernie Sanders. It’s not even a contest.
#Bernie2016 #FeeltheBern #OvertheHillary

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