Clinton/Kaine: The Ties That Blind

We all know now thanks to WikiLeaks that the DNC officially rigged the primary to favor Hildebeast (I don’t want to contribute to “trending” her real name on social media). This isn’t conjecture, this isn’t conspiracy theory run amuck. This is fact. We also know that Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the DNC, was the primary person behind it. Schultz was her campaign manager in the 2008 election so her bias wasn’t exactly a shocking revelation. Fortunately, Debbie has finally stepped down as of last Friday due to the scandal. Watch her being booed even by her own constituents in Florida:

But that led me to thinking… after proving herself to be such a disgraceful and unethical chair of the DNC, how did she even wind up with that position in the first place? 

Here’s where it really gets juicy.

Back in 2011, the previous chair of the DNC was considering a U.S. Senate run but was hesitant. President Obama put his finger on the scale and personally encouraged him to go for it. He did, necessitating that he resign from the DNC position. So who was that guy…?

Tim Kaine.  

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I was baffled that the first female nominee would pick an anti-abortion candidate for VP. To be fair, he only personally opposes abortion but does not think the government should outlaw it. Still, it was an odd choice for Hildebeast considering how badly she needed the progressive vote.

Now it makes perfect sense. It was never just about policy. It was about protection. Not only was it a reward for Kaine’s cooperation, it was an assurance of his continued silence. He can’t divulge the plans to rig the election because not only was he part of it, knowingly or unknowingly, he’s now knee-deep and on the cusp of becoming Vice President of the United States. That makes him complicit. Blowing the lid on how deep the election rigging goes would implicate him in the process, opening him up to scrutiny for bribery and/or conspiracy charges.

Unfortunately, Tim Kaine also supports the dangerous TPP trade agreement and just this past month encouraged regulators to lay off the Big Banks, so the man certainly isn’t squeaky clean by any means, regardless of what he does or doesn’t know about the Clinton Coronation.

Via the Huffington Post (full article):

The big bank letter would help major firms including Capital One, PNC Bank and U.S. Bank, all of which control hundreds of billions of dollars in assets. Such large “regional banks,” Kaine writes, are being discriminated against based solely on the fact that they are so big.

In a letter to Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, Comptroller of the Currency Thomas Curry and FDIC Chair Martin Gruenberg, Kaine argues that it is unfair for these large banks to be required to calculate and report their liquidity ― a critical measure of risk ― on a daily basis. Kaine wants to change that reporting to once a month. Kaine, along with Sens. Mark Warner (D-Va.), Gary Peters (D-Mich.) and Robert Casey (D-Pa.), argues that bigger banks don’t necessarily carry bigger risks, and thus shouldn’t face more aggressive oversight.

“This distinction is applied unevenly across regional institutions despite similar risk profiles, simply by virtue of an asset threshold,” the letter reads. Translation: just because they’re big, doesn’t mean they should be regulated more closely.

So what happened to Debbie? She was hired by Hildebeast’s campaign within hours of resigning from her DNC position, of course! Utterly shameless. More on that here, via the Washington Times.

Who replaced her?

Another partisan pawn named Marcia Fudge, who (surprise) had already enthusiastically endorsed Hildebeast. She even questioned Bernie Sanders’ loyalty to the Democratic Party in a radio interview:

“If Bernie Sanders were a real Democrat and not really an Independent trying to be a Democrat, he would allow us to pull together and coalesce around our candidate. I understand he may want to have some influence on delegates and he can do that now. I’m not saying he’s a bad guy for staying in, I think that he has a role he needs to play, but what it costs us is time and money.”

Here she is on CNN proudly declaring that Hillary would have an advantage in Ohio since the state had a closed primary. She also falsely attacks Bernie Sanders with claims that his campaign had “gone negative”:

Before Marcia Fudge was selected to replace Debbie there was an interim DNC chair. Donna Brazile. And who is she? Why, she served as an advisor for Bill Clinton’s campaign in 1992… and his re-election in 1996… and was awarded superdelegate status for her work. Interestingly, she was also the interim DNC chair that oversaw the transition between Tim Kaine and Debbie.

Clinton fingerprints are clearly all over the DNC, evidence the election rigging had been planned for years. It’s all factually connected. But hey, don’t expect the major media to cover it. They wouldn’t dare disrupt the Clinton Coronation. Or do actual research. Or report facts.

Because that would require journalistic integrity.

And now, your moment of Zen:


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