Who is the Lesser of Two Evils?

Donald Trump’s character is deplorable, but he isn’t connected or respected by anyone in Washington. He’d be ineffectual as a President and be lucky to even serve a full term without impeachment. Our General’s have already said they are prepared to defy any outrageous orders and Congress would certainly not pass any of his extremist policies, especially with a Democrat-controlled Senate. His victory would only galvanize Americans to the Revolution started by Bernie Sanders, strengthening the progressive-cause. It would be a rallying cry for change, the push the sheeple unfortunately need.

Hildebeast has the cutthroat political prowess and media connections to fulfill her agenda, and likely for two-terms. That agenda at the very least includes further war, passage of the TPP, and the further cementation of oligarchy. Unless you’re foolish enough to believe she’d defy the wishes of her Wall Street donors, this is undoubtedly true and but a tip of the iceberg.

As terrible a human being as Trump is, it’s vastly better to have a powerless asshole sit in the Oval Office that twiddles his thumbs and says awful things than a powerful corporate-controlled war-monger that will bring about the deaths of tens of thousands, one of which would be democracy itself. And that’s not hyperbolic, that’s being optimistic.

In short, stagnation is vastly preferable to further degradation.

Besides, Trump was encouraged to run by Bill Clinton anyway. He doesn’t actually want the job. He’s only running to help Hillary Clinton become President. I suspected this months ago (link) and it’s only become more obvious since then that it’s the truth. Any other Republican candidate would be crushing her in the polls right now.

If you doubt it, just look at John Kasich. He only won a single state primary (a very weak Republican candidate) yet still held a lead over Hillary by an average of 7.4-points according to Real Clear Politics (link), which takes all the polls and averages them together. That would be considered a landslide by any measure for a Presidential election. It’s clear that Trump is the only Republican candidate she ever had any chance of beating. That’s why he’s the nominee. It’s the only reason he’s the nominee.

Mark my words, this is all just theater to continue the Bush/Obama eras of imperialism. Bush took us boldly and loudly to Iraq and Afghanistan, while Obama brought us quietly into

Read more about this here!

Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen by ramping up the use of drones for targeted assassinations. These strikes have killed their targets 10% of the time and innocent civilians 90% of the time. The results of both President’s have been disastrous, the only difference being Obama’s facade of competency and the media’s increasing complacency. There aren’t many reports about the hundreds of civilians we’ve killed with our drone strikes, are there? Not much talk about how American policies led to the creation of ISIS itself, right? Or how Americans are 8x more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist? Of course not.

The government and the media, two arms of the same wealthy elites that run the show, have a shared interest in keeping us afraid. Fearful people are obedient. It’s the reason college has become so expensive and public education has been degrading for decades. An intelligent populace that embraces reason instead of fear? Why, then we might start wondering why 54% of the 2015 budget was spent on the military versus 3% on education… but nope, can’t have that! That’s why American politicians (including Hillary) and the media talking heads have openly labelled whistleblowers as cyber-terrorists and consequently deserving of death. They shamelessly want those that tell the truth, that expose government corruption, to be assassinated.

So while I am strongly warning about the dangers of electing Hillary, yet another conduit for perpetuating a corrupt system of control that favors the wealthy few over the many, I am NOT advocating voting for Trump. Not in the least. Just, please… do not fall for this manipulative ruse. Don’t let the fear of Trump scare you into her arms. Vote for a third party candidate, ideally Jill Stein (the progressive alternative) or even Gary Johnson (the conservative alternative) because Hillary Clinton is not the lesser of the two evils.

Not by a long shot.



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