Neo-Liberals Must Yield

The Democrats need to get into formation and fortify a strong, progressive counterweight to the impending Trump-led plutocracy. Right now. Unfortunately the neo-liberal wing that comprises a majority of the Democratic Party is still clinging to their failed ideology.



n. A political theory of the late 1900s holding that personal liberty is maximized by limiting government interference in the operation of free markets.


It’s frustrating to watch the Democratic Party shoot themselves in the foot over and over again. The neo-liberalism experiment that Bill Clinton began has been proven to be such an abject failure that his wife losing the Presidency to a cheese doodle. It would be funny if the consequences weren’t so far-reaching.

It’s clear that the way in which the Democrats were operating was and remains unsustainable. The Democrats have been running as the better Republicans for decades, moving to the right to somehow beat the right at their own game. That direction has been proven thoroughly wrong, so the obvious next option should be a sharp turn to the left and they can do this immediately if they’d only embrace the message of Bernie Sanders.

That’s the good news. 
The bad news is that time is running short for the Democrats to have their overdue epiphany. If they still haven’t learned it after such a devastating defeat, what will it take for them to recognize that they need a superior populist agenda instead of a corporate agenda? We cannot survive another setback after a Trump Presidency without flirting with fascism (the plutocracy he’s building will likely bring us close enough as it is). But instead of humbling themselves and changing course the Democrats keep finger-pointing. And even more dangerous than their denial is that they’re finger-pointing at nuclear-armed Russia.

Say what you will about Putin, but there has yet to be a single piece of evidence presented to the American public that proves he manipulated our election and caused Trump to become President. The CIA, FBI, Homeland Security… they can all say what they want, but their word alone is not enough. Remember these are the same people that lied about WMD’s in Iraq, committed acts of torture, and sell arms to terrorists. We’d be fools to believe such heavy consequential allegations without demanding some form of proof.

Even if such evidence is ever brought to light, the accusation still remains only that Russia hacked the DNC and RNC email databases and released the DNC emails… and not the RNC’s. That’s how they’ve been accused of “tilting the scales” in our Presidential election. While the hacking itself is of concern (and precautions should be made to prevent it from happening again), is the action of releasing the DNC emails in and of itself really such a terrible act? It’s been confirmed that the emails were authentic, not a tabloid smear campaign. It was the truth revealed in those emails that hurt Hillary’s image. Maybe if Hillary wasn’t so shitty the truth wouldn’t have hurt so much.


Why is it such a bad thing for Americans to know the truth?
That’s the brick wall the Democrats inevitably run into on their current trajectory. If they continue to push the “Russia did it!” narrative, even if it’s proven to be accurate, that would still mean that they are demonizing transparency. If Russia helped to more accurately inform American voters then American voters should be grateful.

The media has been pushing the fictional narrative in such a coordinated fashion (particularly CNN and MSNBC) that the Democrats must be seeking a larger objective than mere deflection. I suspect it’s to stir up false propaganda against Russia to use as ammunition to paint Trump with having a false connection to the false Russian election rigging. If the Democrats can find an angle to charge Trump with espionage or outright treason prior to his inauguration, President Obama could have the President-elect arrested, giving neo-liberals a window to take advantage of the unprecedented Constitutional crisis without changing their agenda.
Senate Leaders Hold News Conf. On Job Provisions In Debt Bill
Such a plan is as desperate as it is risky and worse, entirely unnecessary. It demonstrates just how desperately the Democratic resistance is to moving in a bold, progressive direction; how desperate they are to cling to the corporate teat when there’s nothing left but spoiled milk.

It’s also completely hypocritical for the neo-liberals that now cry foul over the Presidential election when it was the neo-liberal led DNC that rigged their own primary against Bernie Sanders who, ironically, was their best bet against Donald Trump.

If the neo-liberal wing maintains their stranglehold over the Democratic Party… which appears likely under the leadership of Chuck “Schmuckity-Schmuck” Schumer (who has previously received campaign contributions from Trump, by the by) and Nancy Pelosi (who flatout denies that people want a new direction)… then I fear that a second term of Trump is not only on the table but highly probable. Whether through a reformed-Democratic Party or an efficiently organized third party, progressivism must be the agenda going forward.

Anything less will be catastrophic.

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