It's Time To Let Obama Go

If President Trump had bombs dropped on SEVEN different nations, oversaw an illegal drone assassination program that illegally killed civilians 90% of the time, illegally gave TRILLIONS of middle-class wealth to those already wealthy, illegally supplied arms to Al Qaeda and ISIS to overthrow a *democratically-elected* leader, did nothing to stop law enforcement from illegally BRUTALIZING Native Americans (#NoDAPL), allowed Citibank to hand-pick the majority of his Cabinet, stood by while his own Party RIGGED a primary election (HELLO), and backed a trade deal that would have all-but-handed regulatory powers over corporations to the corporations themselves...

Would you be angry? I’d hope so.

Okay, second question:
Did you know President Obama has already done all of the above??
It’s time to end the denial, the abusive love affair the American public has had with Barack Obama and start recognizing him for what he has actually done.

The honeymoon for that war-mongering snake should have ended a long, long time ago. I get that he’s charming and charismatic, and seems like a stand-up kinda guy… but he’s not and his record shows it. His first two major actions as President? Bailouts for the wealthy and a giveaway to the health insurance industry. Yet his supporters stood by him, hoping for those big changes he’d promised. I stuck around far longer than I should have as well. Obama is just THAT smooth a politician.

Great for him. Terrible for the country.

2 thoughts on “It's Time To Let Obama Go

  1. I’m never one to defend Obama but the 90% civilian casualty rate for drone attacks is so much a misnomer as to be “fake news.” One, almost all the terrorists are “civilians” in that they are in no formal military and wear neither uniform nor identifying badge – note: under the Geneva Convention that allows for them to be summarily executed – and there’s really no clear line between truly noncombatant individuals in those regions and those who are part of the “military-industrial complex” of the terrorists.


    1. The Washington Times, Huffington Post, The Atlantic, The Guardian, Amnesty International, Democracy Now, and The Intercept have all reported the 90% or “near 90%” figure. Yes, all the “terrorists” (survivors of American Imperialism) are technically civilians since we aren’t fighting a formal army. Because of that, civilians are instead considered anyone killed that was NOT an intended target. So not only is the 90% figure valid, but it’s likely even higher than that. These are war crimes.


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