John Bolton Gets His War

Being that the ego of Donald Trump is unparalleled, it’s difficult to believe that he would ever intentionally botch his own chance to score a Nobel Peace Prize, having been perversely nominated, if only to once again diminish his predecessor’s own winning of the award.

To be fair, the war-mongering Obama didn’t earn it either. And if you think he did, remember that in 2016 he averaged three bombs dropped per hour, every day. What do you think Hillary Clinton would have done if she’d continued the Obama legacy? Spare me the tears, liberals, and wake up. Your heroes were shameless killers.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 12.36.11 PM

Obama should have only been awarded with convictions for crimes against humanity and promptly executed. Same goes for multiple senior officials of the Trump, Bush, Clinton, and Reagan regimes.

But it is interesting that Captain Cheese Doodle tweeted the word “forced”, isn’t it? I think Trump was genuinely interested in winning the prize, but the Deep State twisted his arm to reverse course. Remember, this tentative peace deal wasn’t the result of any intentional strategy on behalf of the United States. It was a fluke. North Korea turning to the South for unity wasn’t in the cards, which is why it was allowed to play out as long as it has.

The Deep State needed to bide some time to plan a way to turn this back around into a war, which has been their goal for reasons I previously discussed.

And thanks to John Bolton, it has.


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