American Gestapo Complicit in Yemeni Genocide

You’ve probably heard a brief mention of the ongoing war in Yemen, but the corporate media will never delve into extensive detail. Why? Because Saudi Arabia props up our currency with their oil, a dynamic commonly referred to as the petrodollar.

Any country that purchases Saudi oil must first convert their currency to American dollars, ergo artificially strengthening the value of the dollar. Our money had been previously backed by actual gold until the 1970’s, which held real value since gold was a legitimately scarce resource, but due to the idiocy of the Nixon Administration an additional method of boosting it’s value was put into place. Unfortunately, this also created an unhealthy dependency on Saudi Arabia.

As America continues to increase unprovoked wars of aggression overseas (which Saudi Arabia loves because instability in other middle-eastern nations prevents any risk of another Arab country challenging their dominance in the region) more oil is required to fuel our military (putting further profits in Saudi Arabian hands). The Saudis have benefitted so greatly from these regime-change wars that they have even offered to pay for the bulk of the war in places like Syria. Here’s Secretary of State John Kerry openly confirming that such a disturbing deal was on the table:

Keep in mind that American involvement in Syria has primarily been through CIA-funding of the Syrian rebels to overthrow the democratically-elected President Assad. The specifics on who these rebels are is rarely mentioned by corporate media, but they include Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and Al-Nusra fighters. Saudi Arabia was therefore offering to help America in the funding of terrorist groups.

It’s an undeniable problem that if the Saudis ceased to back our currency the value of the dollar would plummet and an economic recession, at the very least, would quickly follow. There are multiple solutions to this dependency problem (converting to 100% renewable resources to become energy-independent would be the most obvious solution). But instead, America has continued to cozy up to the Saudis to stay in their favor, despite 15 out of 19 Sept 11th hijackers being Saudi citizen funded by a Saudi Prince.

This further fuels speculation that the American Gestapo and Saudi Arabia worked together on the 9-11 terror attacks, giving the Pentagon an excuse to launch the War on Terror, proceeding to bomb what suspiciously seems like every middle-eastern country but Saudi Arabia, the country most responsible for the attack in New York.

Rather than end ties the Saudis, America is only strengthening ties to the oppressive regime that still continues to behead citizens in the streets for even petty crimes, which for them include such offenses as drug use and homosexuality.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 1.54.17 PM

The number of executions is only increasingly.

The American Gestapo couldn’t care less, instead turning a blind eye and continuing to secure a steady string of arms deals to further weaponize Saudi Arabia. They sell us oil, we sell them weapons, and that’s the way it’s been done for years. The Bush Administration sold $20 billion worth, Obama sold $115 billion, and Trump sold $350 billion. This is clearly a rapidly growing system of death, a sociopathic trend that transcends political party lines. But you won’t hear Rachel Maddow say a peep about it on MSNBC. Because just like our Congress, the media has already been bought and paid for.

It’s disturbing enough that the U.S. gives Saudi Arabia a pass at every turn, but what is more upsetting than anything is what the Saudis are using the weapons we sold them for: the genocide of the Yemeni people.

Saudi Arabia has one serious rival in the middle-east and that’s Iran, which is backing the Houthis faction of the ongoing civil war in Yemen. The Saudis stuck their nose into Yemen’s civil war, happy to slaughter the allies of Iran, by mercilessly bombing the Houthis with airstrikes using not just U.S. weapons, but U.S. intelligence. These bombings have destroyed numerous civilian targets including funeral homes and shopping centers. The Saudis have further used warships to block Yemeni ports, preventing much needed food and medical supplies from reaching the injured and starving civilians. As a result, the people of Yemen are dying in droves right now.

The latest report straight from the United Nations lays out just how stark the situation has become. Saudi airstrikes have struck civilian targets like marketplaces and funeral homes. Their warships have blockaded Yemeni ports, creating the worst humanitarian catastrophe in modern history:

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 12.07.36 PM

Yes, you are reading that correctly. America and Saudi Arabia are set to kill over three times as many of the Yemeni people as the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust by the end of this year. The entire Yemeni population as of 2017 was 28.2 million, so killing 18.4 million means a slaughter of 65% of their entire population. This is textbook genocide.

Don’t hold your breathe that the rest of the world will intervene either because many other nations have been complicit as well. While a pause in weapon deals to Saudi Arabia has been proposed by the EU, these are some of the European countries that have been participating in arming the Saudis in the first place:

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 2.57.48 PM

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 2.58.20 PM
Source: Official Journal of the European Union, 27 March 2015 –

The last time the American Gestapo slaughtered this much of a population was during the Korean War in the 1950’s, when we dropped more bombs on civilians (in what is now North Korea) than we dropped during the entirety of World War 2. The U.S. Empire killed nearly 30% of the population. Our government’s rebuttal? Only 20% were killed. Yes, they admitted that. Not as a confession, but as a defense. That’s how sick these people are.

And there were never any consequences. Why would there be any now?

What we can do is what I have been consistently advocating: for American citizens to take responsibility for their own corrupt government via the complete overthrow of the American Gestapo, the institution of a socialist-democracy, ending all current military ventures overseas, and instead focus our military priorities on the eradication of the Saudi and Israeli governments. Aside from the U.S., these are the two largest sources of global terror. Whether it’s the slow-burn genocide of the Palestinians or the rapid-slaughter of the Yemeni people, it is a grotesque reality that such barbaric nations continue to remain two of our closest allies.

Such alliances really says everything you need to know about the foreign policy  priorities of the Empire. This will never change unless the American people recognize their own moral obligation to act boldly to prevent their government from committing further slaughter. Under Oligarchy, voting alone will not suffice to bring about the drastic and much-needed change required.

If not, we will be deserving of the inevitable blowback that results from our inexcusable failure to act. We are all complicit in our silence.




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