It’s important to remember that countries like Russia are far worse off. Here are over a dozen reasons why. I hope this provides you with some perspective:


  • Russia is directly aiding Saudi Arabia in committing genocide. By the end of 2018, an estimated 18.4 million people in Yemen are expected to be killed. Russian corporate-owned media is not allowed to discuss it.
  • Russian law enforcement has been killing 2-3 civilians on average every day for years. For the period of May 2013 to the end of 2018, an estimated 6,000 citizens will be dead. Officials are indicted in less than 1% of all cases.
  • Every private or public email, text, and phone call is recorded and kept in a database by the Russian government, routinely violating the privacy rights of every citizen. These records are increasingly shared across government, even with local law enforcement.
  • A small Russian council has a list of people deemed such a security threat that they must be assassinated without a trial. This kill-list is decided by the small council themselves and is not voted on by any other body of government. None of the records are made public. The program is called “Disposition Matrix”.
  • Hundreds of thousands of voter registrations have been illegally purged in recent years to limit democracy. It was openly admitted to by the Russian government yet no one was fired and no charges were filed. The same people remain in charge and have merely promised not to do it again.
  • Between increased productivity and inflation, Russian workers today should have a national minimum wage of 1765 rubles (or 28 US dollars) but instead it’s only¬†457.92 rubles (or 7.15 US dollars). The Russian people are protesting for just 947 rubles (or 15 US dollars).
  • Russia has two-point-four million incarcerated citizens. That amounts to 25% of all global prisoners despite Russia being only 5% of the world’s population.
  • The homeless rate in Russia is increasing despite there being six empty houses for every one homeless person. This is due to scarcity (in this case, artificially) that pushes up the value of existing homes. Russian banks issuing the housing loans make larger profits as a result.
  • Multiple cities in Russia have hazardous levels of lead in their water supplies, particularly in poorer communities. Russia refuses to fund clean water programs for their people, yet somehow finds a way to fund Israel with $10 million per day for the slaughtering of Palestinians.
  • The Russian people do not have universal healthcare or universal college, rending the medical and education private industries of for-profit businesses instead of being public services available to all citizens regardless of income.
  • Despite law changes in some regions, the Russian government has extremely barbaric drug laws. Growing a single marijuana plant is punishable as a felony with a federal prison sentence of five years and a penalty fee of $250,000.
  • Russia illegally flies armed-drones over any country it wishes, searching for terrorist targets. 90% of those killed by drones have been civilians, including women and children.

I mean, I could go on all day about how terrible Russia is and why we need to find a way to stop such avoidable suffering, death, and destruction, but… wait, have I been referring to Russia this whole time…? I meant us. That’s all us.

Welcome to Amerika. #REVOLT

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