A Means of Successful Revolt

If this is what got MLK killed, for planning a massive march for economic justice on behalf of the American poor, then clearly the owners of this country were afraid it just might work.
A sheer force of organized numbers armed with the double-barrels of integrity and empathy, an army of everyday people backed by such righteous firepower, could overcome all obstacles of the corrupt. There is no weapon more powerful than wielding a widely-shared truth, a widely-shared sense of justice, a widely-held and emphatic moral calling.

The White House, the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, Wall Street, and all those select few who rule so many, the ones who seek to oppress us to elevate themselves would cower in the face of collective light and be enveloped by it or find themselves ostracized from our society’s moral framework.

This wouldn’t be a rebirth, because a just America is an America we have never seen. A foundation of genocide and slavery built the Empire into a cold, imperialist machine that values profits over people and devours even it’s own. The wheel must not continue to turn in this direction.

In a nation where children are being jailed and the unarmed are being shot, we cannot wait for more lines to be crossed. No politician is stepping up to the plate, no one organization is yielding results. It’s time to try something bold again.
Tens of millions of Americans marching from across the country to converge on those in power and making our specific demands known is the only way to avoid an all-out war, a war where everyone would suffer. This will require coordination and organizing, steps that I will be presenting for consideration, to make all this a reality.
Yes, this will require dropping everything in your life and marching to Washington. If you live in California, as I do, it will be a long walk. But over the course of the journey it will inevitably draw cameras and with it an expanded awareness; more and more will join because many of us have nothing to lose. Those that do should still join the cause because they too have plenty to gain in ways that run far deeper than any banker’s pockets.
It’s time to cease the faux-resistance and do something that is actually effective. No more petitions, voting, or mere token marches. We must go all-in for peace.

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