6,000 U.S. Citizens Killed by Cops in Five Years

There have been countless videos that have gone viral of the police… whose ONLY JOB is to PROTECT US… killing American citizens at an average clip of three per day within half a decade. This is based on the meticulous records kept at www.killedbypolice.net, which I encourage you to visit to learn about some of the many lives lost.

Killed in 2014: 1114
Killed in 2015: 1222
Killed in 2016: 1171
Killed in 2017: 1194
Killed in 2018: 526 (as of 5/31)

These stats have been posted regularly since mid-2013 and have made the rounds of social media, so why am I bringing it up? Because we recently hit a new milestone of depravity. From May 2013 – May 2018 we have officially surpassed the 6,000 mark. Our cops, in just the past five years, have killed twice as many U.S. citizens as the 9-11 terrorist attacks in NYC.

And what was our response to 9-11?
We sent armed-robots across the skies, assassinated world leaders, partnered with terrorists, slaughtered millions, displaced tens of millions more, and otherwise set the middle-east on fire.

The poppy fields of Afghanistan were seized and used to produce a cheaper supply of opiates across the globe and surging the production of heroin. A number of Iraqis that successfully escaped Iraq, whose families and homes we burned over a lie, became radicalized and formed ISIS. Libya that once had guaranteed housing for all it’s citizens, who then had their leader Gaddafi brutally murdered by a mob in the streets thanks to U.S. involvement, became overrun by ISIS and returned to the slave trade. The CIA then armed and hired ISIS and Al-Qaeda (or as the media romanticized them, “the Syrian rebels”), to overthrow and kill President Assad. This was of course due to a competing gas pipeline the U.S. wanted built through Syria to weaken Russian energy exports, but that’s another rabbit hole.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, which funded the 9-11 terrorists in the first place, received and continues to receive billions in U.S. arms sales (now up to $350 billion) and U.S. intelligence support to commit genocide in Yemen (18.4 million expected dead of starvation by end of 2018). Toss in some miscellaneous bombings and conflicting reports out of Niger, Pakistan, Somalia, Venezuela, etc. and you’ve got yourself a broad overview of the War on Terror, which has proven less effective and more myopic than even the War on Drugs. The War on Drugs failed to reduce drug use, but at least it didn’t create more users. The War on Terror meanwhile has radicalized millions of potential terrorists, rendered the U.S. trillions in debt, and made us a more-vulnerable, more-likely target than we were before. We spent national treasure on increasing the odds of our own demise.

Think about all of that.
That is how the United States responded to terrorists (Saudi Arabia) killing 3,000 of us. Now, in half a decade, our own law enforcement has officially doubled that body count. Doubled.

It is vital that in the process of wading through the false narratives of corporate media, in our rejection of the modern Red Scare, in our struggle to search for truth, that we recognize the harsh reality of undeniable math. It’s not an opinion that cops have killed 6,000 U.S. citizens since 5/1/2013. It’s a terrifying fact, an upsetting fact, an almost unbelievable fact… but it is a fact. And if our response to that fact were applied even half as strongly as it was after 9-11, well… I’ll let your imagination fill in the bloody blanks.

What we need to do is actually charge killers with murder irrespective of whether or not that killer wears a badge. What we need to do is restore our right to habeas corpus, our right to privacy, our right to a fair trial, and our right to vote in an actual democracy. What we need to do is disarm the police and rewrite their training manuals to emphasis diplomacy over warfare.

Yet somehow there are still those who reject this entire analysis, who obliviously cheer for the very same people that are killing them with repulsive chants of “Blue Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter”. They chalk it up to only a few bad apples.

These people do not live in any semblance of reality. 
Cops that don’t directly participate in these killings are still complicit for their silence. They should be enforcing the law and arresting their fellow officers when that law has been broken, especially for something as egregious as murder. Instead they are actively propagating a system of oppressive violence against their own people. Those few good cops who do exist, the few who do try to speak out, are threatened into silence by the rest of the American Gestapo. They are a legalized gang.

We’ve seen so many instances of these killings that it’s getting hard to keep track. Oh, that big dude who was choked to death NYC? Oh, the kid at the park who was executed for holding a BB gun? Oh, the homeless guy killed for trespassing? Oh, the customer who was handling an empty gun that was on display in the gun department of a Walmart? And so on, and so forth. The names of the victims seem to just blur together. It’s hard to avoid some level of desensitization to the bombardment of graphic videos, which risks the normalizing of these cops who continue killing us.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 2.21.26 PM
Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 2.22.42 PM
Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 2.22.52 PM
Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 2.21.44 PM
Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 2.22.15 PM

But for me, I think there is nothing that demonstrates the depravity of our own police than the killing of Daniel Shaver in a hotel hallway. Under no circumstance was this not the cold-blooded murder of a U.S. citizen. There was no wallet (he’s got a gun!) being reached for, no sudden motions or threatening behavior of any kind. He isn’t running or resisting. This father of two was on his knees, sobbing, actually begging for his life, doing his best to comply with the demands of Officer Philip Brailsford. And was mowed down regardless.

Brailsford was found not guilty, of course.
And there’s the problem. Of course. The outcome wasn’t surprising, but it should have been in any place that considers itself to be an even remotely civilized society. Shouldn’t it be shocking that a policeman merciless executed a compliant young man on camera? Our expectation that justice will be delivered has become so lowered that we actually anticipate the lack of it. This indicates that the majority must not have confidence in the United States justice system. As this begins to further permeate and cement itself in the American psyche, so are the seeds of revolution being planted.

We are becoming more conscious that our laws are not equally enforced and are ergo functionally meaningless as a result. A legal system that makes exceptions for the few cannot yield justice for the many. In a country of 320 million people, the consequences of this realization becoming widespread will be severe. Unless the American Gestapo volunteer to disarm, these terrorists (by any definition) will inevitably be compelled to do so by force.

This is the unavoidable conflict we face if drastic steps are not taken to reverse devolving into a completely lawless society. But being that we live under Oligarchy, voters have very little if any say say in reforming the system. It is the cops themselves that need to offer a substantial olive branch, but why would they if they only benefit from staying on the current path? They won’t. Change is going to be on us.

The only means of change that prevents an unorganized riot is staging an organized revolt. And it needs to happen soon.



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