The Farce of July

If you are celebrating the 4th of July today and are feeling patriotic pride, you have some serious explaining to do. No one should be proud to live in a country that has been ruled by a straight-up terrorist organization since at least 1981.

American cops arrest 1500 Americans for marijuana possession and put them in cages… daily. 1700 Americans declare bankruptcy due to medical bills… daily. Over 100 Americans die due to lack of health insurance… daily. 200 Americans die from opiates, nearly all of them legally-prescribed by American doctors… daily. American cops kill 2-3 American citizens and face zero charges… daily. 22 American veterans die of suicide… daily. American military drops over 120 bombs overseas on poor brown people… daily.

But go ahead, celebrate your bondage if you wish. It’s just another day of injustice and immorality in America, after all and ignorance is as American as apple pie (which, for the record, was actually invented in England almost 400 years before America became a country).

Unplug from the red, white, and blue Matrix and come back to reality, people. We have a fresh Revolution to fight. And we need all the help we can get.


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