Why The #WalkAway Campaign is Fraudulent

When I first came across the #WalkAway movement, I was intrigued. It seemed similar to #DemExit, encouraging voters to leave the corporate-owned and thoroughly-corrupt Democratic Party. I didn’t like the idea of competing movements since division has so frequently been the downfall for progressives, but I figured it was worth a look because at least it had the same goal in mind. It also (seemingly) wasn’t encouraging people to just leave the Democrats, but to leave both Parties. At least, that’s what I thought #WalkAway was all about.

I was wrong. 
Upon signing up for the group that already had an impressive 55,000 members, I quickly discovered that it was a right-wing extremist organization dressed up to appeal to liberals that felt betrayed by the Democrats but were still too clueless to know where to turn to next. I saw countless posts praising Trump followed by the nauseating MAGA hashtag.

A self-purported Muslim posted his concern that Sharia law would be coming to America and how he felt only Trump could save us. I informed him that if anyone were to bring about a religious-extremist government, albeit the Christian version rather than Islam, it would be Mike Pence.

No response.

A younger kid who couldn’t have been older than 20 posted about why he worked for the Trump campaign, how he agreed with having better trade agreements and keeping the Mexican cartels out of the country. I agreed with him that trade deals like NAFTA were disastrous and that Trump was right to reject the TPP that Obama and Hillary had pushed for. I pointed out that the cartels are a branch of the CIA, much like ISIS, as a means to sow chaos and grow dictatorships around the world. Why? Because it’s much easier for the CIA to kill a single person that leads an entire country and replace him/her with a puppet of their own. I also pointed out that net immigration has been zero for almost a decade.

No response. 

I attempted to enlighten a good half dozen or so posters on the #WalkAway page until someone finally tagged me in a response. He told me that I “seemed to be against the President” (yep), questioned why I’d joined, and accused me of being a troll paid by George Soros. Hey, at least he didn’t call me a Putin puppet.

I replied that I was a progressive who wanted to encourage people to leave not just the Democratic Party but the larger corporate duopoly. Trump is on track to be worse than Obama, while Obama was worse than Bush, Bush was worse than Clinton, and Clinton was worse than Reagan. Voters have foolishly continued to vote for paper or plastic and not surprisingly ending up with just another bag of hot air. The American sheeple have been perpetuating their own child-like dependence on two abusive parents under the absurdist notion that voting for a lesser evil will somehow ever result in something good. This has become such a self-destructive and illogical pattern that one can only describe it as a dangerous state of mass delusion. While I didn’t use those exact words, I communicated all of the above.

In response, the poster challenged me to a private debate on Skype to challenge my views, specifically wanting to debate the merits of capitalism and socialism. It sounded like a great opportunity. But within seconds he repeated his accusation that I was a troll, a bot, and said I was a coward for refusing his request for debate. Except I hadn’t. Within two minutes I’d posted a link inviting him to join me on Skype and have the debate he requested. You can probably guess what happened next right?

I was banned from the group. 
While I’d already deduced that #WalkAway was largely a pro-Trump gathering, my being banned even after accepting their request proved to me exactly what this group was and is all about. It advertises as being “accepting”, with arms wide for anyone that’s been hurt and betrayed by the Democrats, but then takes advantage by providing those disillusioned sheep with a new and even worse shepherd. They’ve dressed the page up very well, but it’s still very transparent if you take the time to scroll through the posts and comments. This is a recruitment arm for Trump’s re-election campaign in 2020.

Here’s Brandon Starka explaining what his Walk Away campaign is all about.

Like any good propagandist, he sprinkled in layers of truth to bolster his credibility (and I’m sure his sharp jawline didn’t hurt either). For example, in this brief interview with Tucker Carlson he calls MSNBC and CNN dishonest, which is true, but then adds that they are dishonest about Trump’s racism, which is false. See how the tactic works? This is what propagandists do. They speak of something true, something relatable, something that makes you think, “yeah, I agree!” and then add a layer of bullshit. Those that don’t recognize the tactic get sucked in and before you know you know they’re posting #MAGA all over their social media.

This is dangerous.
I encourage anyone reading this who is a part of the #WalkAway movement to step out of the shadows, grow a pair, and have an actual debate with me on policy. Let’s have that debate on capitalism vs. socialism. Let’s discuss conservatism vs. progressivism. I suspect he/she will not do so since that would require being equipped with facts instead of mere rhetoric, but I extend this offer nonetheless. And that goes double for the founder of the page, Brandon Straka, who is immorally shepherding liberal sheep to the slaughter.

Here’s my direct Skype invite:

I’ll wait. 

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