Jane Sanders Held Hostage by DNC/FBI

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Bernie Sanders of today started listening to the Bernie Sanders of yesterday?

Like many of his progressive supporters, I’ve been frustrated by Bernie’s attempts to change the Democratic Party from within, a strategy so outrageously flawed that it’s failure is as predictable as it is inevitable.

I know that’s a bold statement to make without evidence to back it up, so I’ll prove it to you right now. First, consider the legal argument posed by the DNC’s own lawyers. Below is part of the official transcript from the lawsuit against the DNC for rigging the 2016 Democratic primary:

FULL TRANSCRIPT: http://jampac.us/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/042517cw2.pdf

Yes, you read correctly.
The DNC actually argued that they have the right to rig their elections if they wish, to decide the outcome in a back room regardless of voter preference.

If the Democrats had admitted their wrongful behavior after 2016 and fired everyone directly involved in the rigging process and appointed Bernie Sanders as Senate Leader and Tulsi Gabbard as House Leader, then it might have been possible for the Party to redeem itself. Instead, they argued in Court that they had the legal right to rig their primary elections. They doubled down instead of owning up.

Even more stunning is that the lawsuit was successfully dismissed, ensuring that there would never be any accountability. Without any legal consequences, it is both reasonable and fair to assume that the Democrats will continue to rig future elections.

But it’s not fair to assume!
I’ve heard many liberals say this. Most will at least admit that the 2016 primary was, bare minimum, unfairly influenced by the DNC.  Nobody disputes this anymore. Yet for some reason these liberals, largely the disillusioned Hillary/Obama cheerleaders that still cannot accept that their own Party betrayed them, think it was a one-time fluke.

It wasn’t. We know this for a variety of reasons, but the most powerful evidence came from a secret audio recording released by The Intercept.

“Progressive candidate Levi Tillemann met with Congressman Steny Hoyer, the No. 2 Democrat in the House of Representatives, to make the case that the party should stay neutral in the Colorado primary and that he had a more plausible path to victory than the same centrism that the Republican incumbent had already beaten repeatedly. Hoyer, however, had his own message he wanted to convey: Tillemann should drop out. In a frank and wide-ranging conversation, Hoyer laid down the law for Tillemann. The decision, Tillemann was told, had been made long ago. It wasn’t personal, Hoyer insisted, and there was nothing uniquely unfair being done to Tillemann, he explained: This is how the party does it everywhere. Tillemann had heard the argument before from D.C. insiders and local Democratic bigwigs, all of whom had discouraged him from challenging the establishment favorite. The only difference was that for this conversation, the candidate had his phone set to record.”

Here is that audio in full: 

And this is the Party that Bernie Sanders thinks he can change?? That would be like trying to get an alcoholic to quit drinking but who has zero interest in doing so and is immune to liver cancer. It just won’t happen without incentive, without consequences. The only way to guarantee change would be to remove the corporate neoliberals from the Party and replace them with non-corporate progressives. But to do that would require winning a rigged game. While a few rare victories could occur by mere chance, a takeover of the majority is not an achievable goal.

And in the case of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it’s important to remember that she defeated Joe Crowley, the Democrat who was expected to dethrone Nancy Pelosi for House leadership. And while Cortez is a very powerful progressive voice in regards to social issues, she is woefully ignorant and inept when it comes to foreign policy. Her victory solidified Pelosi’s position of power within the Democratic Party and poses no additional threat to the foreign policy ambitions of the Deep State. Win-win. That’s how deeply rigged the game is.

And Bernie Sanders knows it. 
In fact, he probably knows it better than anyone. So why is Bernie doing this? Why is he putting so much effort into an unachievable goal?

Some have written Bernie off as selling out to the system, but this dismisses over three decades of his principled, progressive history. While not without his own flaws, particularly when it comes to foreign policy, it cannot be argued that he hasn’t largely stuck to the issues with a refreshing degree of consistency and has soundly rejected big money interests at every turn in favor of championing the needs of the middle-class.

Bernie has had countless opportunities to cash in his chips, put his feet up, and surrender to the wishes of the Establishment. For him to suddenly shift gears on a battle he’s fought his entire career would be too absurd to imagine. So why is he pursuing such a failed strategy to take on that Establishment, acting as life support for the very Party that screwed him over in the first place? And more specifically, why is this happening now? 

I suspect this has a great deal to do with the FBI’s bogus investigation into his wife, Jane Sanders. As we know, the Deep State is tied at the hip with the Democratic Party. We know this in part because of the DNC/FBI joint effort to promote the idea that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to win the election.

Rather than recognize their own failure as a Party, the Democrats deflected by pointing fingers. But as we all know (or should know), Hillary Clinton’s greatest liability as a candidate was her own ties to Russia, as evidenced by the internal memos from her own campaign, as revealed by Wikileaks:

Hillary Russia Wikileaks .png
FULL TRANSCRIPT HERE >>  https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/277

It is also quite telling that the allegations of Russian hacking could be proven or disproven conclusively simply by running forensics on the allegedly-hacked DNC server. Of course, the DNC denied access. So why didn’t the FBI issue a warrant? We don’t definitively know the reason, but we know there was a reason. And that reason had to have been of mutual-benefit to both the Deep State and the Democratic Party to ever be agreed to.

Here’s then FBI-director James Comey testifying that the FBI was denied access to the DNC server: 

And here’s DNC chair Tom Perez lying about it: 

And Adam Schiff admitting the FBI only received “blueprints” of the server via a security firm (Crowdstrike), which the DNC hired to do the digital forensics:

With access to every phone call, email, and text in the country, the Deep State has a limitless ability to blackmail politicians. But since Bernie doesn’t have much in the way of skeletons in his closet and cannot be bought, they’ve had to resort to tactics of intimidation. Threatening his wife’s freedom would be the most efficient, albeit cowardly, method of obtaining his compliance.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 3.48.43 PM.png

Bernie Sanders should have called the FBI’s bluff, gone public with what happened, truly exposed the corruption he’d railed against his entire life, and used the momentum of his historical underdog campaign to launch a Progressive third party. He still has an opportunity to do all of this, even more so if the “Blue Wave” fails to materialize in the November midterms.

(I predict the Democrats may flip the House, but by a much slimmer margin than anticipated, while the Senate will remain out of reach. This would be an ideal opportunity to for Bernie Sanders to once again point out the ineptitude of the Democratic Party and to resume the true revolution he once preached about.)

If the Deep State attempted to assassinate him as they did John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. (admittedly likely), his death would trigger a massive uprising. The jig would be up. The Deep State only maintains it’s control by keeping it’s methodologies covert, so any widespread exposure would severely hinder their continued discretion. While they would certainly want Bernie Sanders eliminated, they would be unable to act on it without risking their own implosion.

Bernie should take them on, despite Chuck Schumer’s ominous warnings about the backlash against those who challenge U.S. Intelligence agencies when he said they had “six ways to Sunday to get back at you”:

With his record-high favorability rating, massive grassroots fundraising, and instant name recognition, there is no one else with as much power to start a viable third party than Bernie Sanders.

He’d be foolish not to wield it when it matters most.

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