American Cops Are Terrorists

While the U.S. Empire, a terrorist organization (not a real government) is a global threat operating out of DC, we must not lose sight of the local threat existing in every community nationwide: police officers.

Since the Supreme Court allowed them to formally abandon their “serve and protect” mantra (PROOF: LINK), it’s vital to recognize that they are no longer public servants, presuming they ever even were, and are merely private oppressors. Their job is to keep their boot on the necks of the middle class and to make profit for both their own police unions and the private prison industry. The job of a cop isn’t to think, but to blindly follow orders, which they then in turn expect from American citizens.

Just as the Catholic Church shields child molesters, Police Departments shield serial harassers and killers. They “protect their own” and consider it honorable when in truth it is a cult-like loyalty to an evil enterprise. To be a member is to be complicit. As such, there are no “good” Nazis. There are no “good” priests. And there are no “good” cops. Volunteering to join such organizations is inexcusable despite the motivation behind the decision.

The video below is a small example, albeit still infuriating, of how they operate. You can be an American citizen picking up trash around your own residence and an American cop might harass you for it, threaten to tase you for it, and even entertain shooting you. Imagine being the victim in that situation. Put yourself in his shoes. Feel the rage bubbling up? Good. You’re still human.

That’s how we ALL should feel about the American Gestapo, these unqualified, unelected, unhinged, unstable terrorists that not only routinely harass American citizens, but kill an average of 3-4 of us every single day. By comparison, can you guess how many American citizens (not soldiers) have been killed by the terrorist group ISIS? Not daily, but how many killed in total since their organization existed. Four.

For an even starker perspective, consider this: Over the five year period from May 2013 to May 2018, American cops have committed at least 6,000 documented murders. (Don’t believe me? RESEARCH: That’s two 9-11’s worth of American citizens gunned down by the very people that are supposedly there to protect us. Yet nobody panics…? It’s time to start.

We have an organization in America that hires trigger-happy ex-military with PTSD to drive around our cities and towns with loaded guns and a badge that all but grants them immunity from prosecution. And on top of it, most of them are highly unintelligent because police departments discriminate against applicants with high IQ’s. Gee, what could go wrong?

(Don’t believe me? RE: LINK).

Americans must wake up to the reality we’re living in and do their part. Until a revolt finally happens, the least we ALL should be doing is giving cops a hard time. Learn your rights as a citizen, first and foremost. Don’t cooperate with them when you aren’t legally required. Demand a warrant if they want to enter your home. If arrested, refuse to answer any questions without a lawyer present. When you pass a cop on the street, call him/her an asshole (doing so once is perfectly legal, doing it repeatedly becomes a crime since that constitutes harassment). Broadcast your anti-cop sentiment and do so with pride. Never cooperate with those bastards if you can help it. It’s not only your legal right but a moral obligation.

It’s not “un-American” to oppose domestic terrorists. It’s normal yet the opposite has been wrongly normalized. Standing up is what we SHOULD be doing but most have been too ignorant or too scared to follow through. Again, learn your rights and exercise them accordingly.

Don’t ever give gestapo pigs an inch, because they’ll do more than take a mile. They just might take your life. #REVOLT

#FuckthePolice #NoJustice #NoPeace #AmericanGestapo #YVM #YellowVests2020 #WAKEUP #REVOLT

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