Catholicism: a Tool of Empire

It’s really fascinating to me the severity of crimes that powerful elites and institutions can get away with that the average individual would get a life sentence for, if not outright execution.

The fraud committed by Wall Street against the American people that led to the collapse of the U.S. economy, for example, didn’t result in any arrests for those responsible. No bankers went to jail. Instead, the taxpayers, the victims and sufferers of the fraudulent bankers, were not only left to fend for themselves but were forced to bailout the very institutions that defrauded them. The abusers were compensated by the victims instead of the other way around. This was a clear antithesis of justice.

But there is another criminal organization on a comparable scale that largely parallels another that I’ve been researching, that also squeaked by without facing justice: the Catholic Church. And this one for me, full disclosure, is indeed personal. I was raised Catholic and was a believer for nearly two decades, even considered joining the seminary instead of attending college. It wasn’t until eight years after graduating from Alfred University that my deeply-buried childhood trauma came raging back to the surface.


As of 2012, Michael Bemi and Pat Neal (LINK) presented their findings to the Vatican and found that there were up to 100,000 cases in the United States alone. Keep in mind that these two researchers are part of a leadership team hired by the Catholic Church itself for the “Protecting God’s Children” program, so the odds are good that the number is far higher. But let’s say for the sake of argument that their high-end estimate is correct at 100,000. How many total victims are there worldwide? I couldn’t find a source for it anywhere, but I did gather enough data to make a fair estimate.
There were over 70 million Catholics in the U.S. as of 2017, or 22% of the population. And out of those we’ve established a minimum of 100,000 were sexually abused. If we extrapolate that same ratio to the 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide, that comes out to a total global victim count of one million six hundred and eighty thousand. Even being extremely generous, it’s fair to say with confidence that at least one million kids were molested by Catholic priests. And if Wikipedia is to be believed, approximately 78% of those victims were between the age of 11 and 17, 16% were between 8 and 10, and 6% were younger than 7. I was eight.



We know, for a fact, that the Church shielded these horrific sex crimes from public scrutiny by relocating pedophile priests from church to church whenever abuses drew too much attention from the community and quietly paid the victims off (or rather their parents) for maintaining silence. Internal documents have verified that this wasn’t improvised on the fly, but was thoroughly organized from the very top of the Vatican itself (PROOF). We know that judges, politicians, lawyers, and law enforcement were also recruited to aide in these cover-ups, most knowing full well what they were doing was heinous beyond measure. This was not just a few bad apples and is not something that should be ever swept under the rug.



The Catholic Church is, was, and continues to be an international institution that shields, fosters, and protects child rapists. This is factually true. Due to the statue of limitation laws, hardly any priests have faced criminal penalties nor has the larger institution itself faced legal consequences. Instead, they shell out money to victims, pat them on the head, and carry on with their regularly-scheduled raping. How do I know? Because even as of May 2019, only 6 states in the U.S. legally require clergy to report child sex abuse to law enforcement. Anyone who thinks the Catholic Church has reformed since being globally exposed in 2002 is mistaken. As of 2018, the Church has shelled out nearly $4 billion over sexual abuses. Think of how much wrongdoing had to have occurred to carry a price-tag like that. How can they afford it?

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 5.00.36 PMAccording to the Catholic tradition, church-goers are supposed to donate 10% of their income every Sunday (usually referred to as “tithing”, though in this  application legally constitutes extortion), some invariably coming from the very same families whose children were abused. I grew up in a lower-middle class household and my parents would always follow the 10% rule each Sunday despite the financial hardship on our family. Right after mass my father would be on the couch clipping coupons from the Sunday ads so we could afford enough food. This is what happens to victims of a cult. Their faith in the Church evolves into blind-faith as certitude becomes cemented.  If a priest says that Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame is anti-Catholic, then a victim of their cult boycotts the film without a second thought. Over time this extends in a variety of large and small ways, but interweaved becomes a system of control. This is how twisted their system of abuse is and is why the cycle has been so successfully maintained. The cult of Catholicism is financially self-perpetuated, in part, by it’s very victims. 

If lawmakers weren’t bought off, wouldn’t they all be fighting to change the statute of limitation laws so justice could be obtained? If the NSA can access all electronic communications globally, wouldn’t they have all the dirt off the Vatican servers already? Then why doesn’t the Justice Department issue immediate warrants for the arrest and extradition of those who enabled the rapes of at least a million children even after the evidence has been obtained??

Inaction hasn’t been because those in power don’t know what is happening, but because those in power do and are actively a part of it.


For anyone reading this that remains a member of the Catholic Church, I implore you to find another denomination for worship. As an atheist I’d advocate staying away from religion entirely, but if you are a Christian and a practicing Catholic, you must recognize that you aren’t actually part of a religion. You never were. You’ve been part of a cult.

I know that’s difficult to accept, but how else can it be explained? How is it rational on any level to STILL remain loyal to an organization that systematically raped over a million children and (this is important) continues to do so?

Many Catholics, certainly my own family, will read this and immediately push back. But that’s how you know it’s a cult. That knee-jerk resistance to the truth, that automatic desire to reject facts, the suspended ability to be remotely-objective… those are the ingrained, deeply embedded, trademark signs of successful brainwashing.

If you found out that your child’s daycare was systemically, sexually abusing kids, you’d pull your kid out of there immediately and the place would be shut down by the authorities and anyone responsible would have gone to prison. Right? That makes sense? Good. Now without bias apply the same standard to the Catholic Church. If you find yourself still unable to agree, don’t you find it even the slightest bit odd? You wouldn’t let your kid anywhere near that daycare with the child molester again but you would still go to a Church run by child molesters? Every Sunday? Why do you trust them?

Even the most fervent believers of Catholicism must possess some inkling of doubt. Some part of the brain must be considering the possibility that you could be wrong. Don’t ignore that possibility. Run toward it because it’s humbling and often revealing and you’ll be better off for it. If you’re lucky, maybe even enlightened.



Whatever “good” the Catholic Church allegedly does for our communities, a common talking point, is a drop in the bucket compared to the long-standing and ongoing injustices it perpetuates. The Church should be shut down entirely, by law, and disbanded, as should any institution that rapes over a million kids no matter how many sweater vests they donate to the homeless. We can find a better means of getting them clothes, folks. Don’t worry. What we should worry about is the criminal Empire the world has turned a blind-eye to, though it has recently begun to unravel (GOOGLE: Jeff Epstein’s Pedophile Island). And while I won’t hold my breath that lawmakers will ever take the seriously bold steps required to fix the problem, individual Catholics have the power to strike a blow overnight. Just find another denomination to continue your worship if you wish, but cease to identify as a Catholic. If enough do so, the revenue slows up and the Catholic Church’s influence becomes greatly reduced. And it’s important to do this right now over 60% of Catholic Charities is government funded. The Catholic Church is one tentacle of the US Empire and we win only when we starve the beast:

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 4.41.37 PM


It is time that we all reject the evil institution known as Catholicism and hold those that perpetuate such ongoing, nauseating abuse accountable to the furthest extent of the law. No more fucking excuses.

= = = = = = = = = = 

If you still haven’t yet seen the film Spotlight, I highly encourage everyone to do so especially if you are a Catholic and possess an open-mind.

While I certainly do take this issue personally, I’m clear-eyed about what I am espousing. It’s not with resentful bitterness that I speak against the Church, but a genuine concern for those who continue to follow, donate, or otherwise support such a truly evil institution. You are also a victim. But you also are responsible for being humble enough to admit that maybe… just maybe… I’m right. And maybe… just maybe… you were duped into a cult. It’s okay, but with that knowledge it’s now your choice to get out. And that decision is worthy of judgment becomes it takes real courage and real character and real self-love to take off the blindfold. Do it and share your stories.



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