The Anti-Democracy Democrats

I’m not going to rehash the rigging of the 2016 Democratic primary because if you don’t realize that happened at this point then it’s unlikely you ever will. But suffice to say, it happened. But let’s put that aside. Let’s talk about the rigging happening right now.

For starters, I think we can all at least agree that whoever wins the most delegates should win the nomination. No matter which candidate you support, we all agree on that much, right? That’s simply a pro-democracy position.

Unfortunately, the Democratic primary process isn’t designed that way at all. In order to win the nomination a candidate must win at least 50%, which means a minimum of 1,991 delegates.

Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 4.14.14 PM

Since there are so many candidates splitting up the vote, there is a serious chance that nobody hits that 50% mark. So for example, let’s say Bernie Sanders wins 40% of the delegates, Buttigieg wins 17%, Warren 12%, Bloomberg 10%, Biden 7%, Klobuchar 4% and the rest split the remaining 10%. In a true democracy, Bernie would obviously be the nominee due to having a significant majority. But in the Democratic Party, he wouldn’t be.

So what happens next?
There would be second round of voting by delegate representatives. These representatives argue and otherwise hash out who should be the winner until a candidate secures at least 50%. Klobuchar, Bloomberg, Warren, and Biden could go all-in on Buttigieg, for example, giving Mayor Pete enough delegates to ensure a corporate nominee wins once again. A Contested Convention like this hasn’t happened since 1952.

Also weighing in, and this is key, are the super-delegates, the equivalent of 771 delegates or 16% of the total vote. These are unelected DNC insiders that represent the corporate Establishment put in place to favor a corporate candidate. The super-delegate system itself is a form of built-in rigging for Democratic primary elections, literally to prevent a potentially impractical populist from winning.

How much of an influence can those super-delegates have? Just look at 2016. That time around the total number of delegates required was 2,383. Neither Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders ever hit that mark. And since the super-delegates could weigh in on the first ballot, they ultimately were what put Hillary over the top, not the voters.

Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 4.30.28 PM

The final selection doesn’t even have to be one of the candidates who ran. They can select ANYONE they wish and we the People have ZERO say in that process.

Informed and involved voters like myself have been warning about this plan to sabotage Bernie Sanders, which is why we pushed him to start a 3rd Party rather than waste the momentum of his movement on a fool’s errand. (For the record, I support Tulsi Gabbard). We’ve been accused of being paranoid, pessimistic, conspiracy theorists, and even being pro-Trump.
Our concerns were fully validated at last night’s Democratic debate. The six Democratic candidates on stage were all asked whether or not they would support nominating whoever wins the most votes. In other words, “Do you support democracy?”
  • Joe Biden said NO.
  • Amy Klobuchar said NO.
  • Pete Buttigieg said NO.
  • Elizabeth Warren said NO.
  • Michael Bloomberg said NO.

Of course, none of them used a straight-forward, one-word response, but that’s what their answers all boiled down to. MSNBC deleted this entire segment from the debate on their website, but fortunately enough people saved it and it’s still circulating online. I tried uploading it to Youtube but they censored it. So it’s now “Unlisted” which seems to be working (for now).


All of these candidates should be immediately disqualified for rejecting the will of the voters, but this is what the Democratic Party really stands for so there will be no consequences. The DNC is a corporate-funded, corporate-owned, war-mongering, election-rigging organization and a national disgrace to anyone that supports the most basic principles of democracy. 

Donald Trump might have fascist aspirations, but this is fascism already in-action. And for these neo-liberal monsters to admit it so brazenly, so shamelessly… it truly boggles the mind. And if it seems like they’re trying to lose on purpose it’s because they are.

Corporate America is just fine with a second term for Trump, as is the Democratic Party. Their goal is to ensure the status quo by preventing a non-corporate President from ever winning the White House. If they succeed once again in 2020, future elections will be moot. The revolution will ultimately have to be won in the streets, not a voting booth.

God help the 1% if that day comes. Because the 99% has been sharpening pitchforks and dipping torches in kerosene for decades and the final day of reckoning is coming if the will of the People is once again denied. History has shown us that democracy, once lost, cannot be restored without force.

Tread lightly, Democrats.


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