Tulsi Gabbard on the Yellow Vest Movement

Today (3/1/20) was my third time attending a Tulsi Gabbard Town Hall event. Full disclosure, I already voted for her by mail in California. I didn’t need any more convincing that she was/is our best choice to be our next Commander-in-Chief, but I wanted to see her speak at least one more time. She sparks in me a renewed sense of hope, especially when hearing her speak in person, and I needed another dose of her inspiration.

Tulsi has proven herself to be sincerely genuine throughout her campaign, in my view, from calling out the corruption of the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and the corporate media alike. She ultimately knocked off Tim Ryan, Kamala Harris, and (though it took more time for the wound to settle in) Pete Buttigieg. Her laser-like focus when it comes to exposing corporate adversaries that directly threaten the will of We the People was unmatched on the debate stage, which is precisely why CNN and MSNBC banned her from all future debates.

Tulsi Gabbard vs. Tim Ryan

Tulsi Gabbard vs. Kamala Harris

Tulsi Gabbard vs. Pete Buttigieg


Her philosophy of aloha makes sense to me, but at some point I feel there must be a line drawn in the sand. To my knowledge, Tulsi hadn’t been asked about the Yellow Vest Movement. I unexpectedly got the chance to ask her about it myself, which I hadn’t remotely prepared for. Being an introvert with an irrational fear of public speaking, I don’t know why my hand shot up in the air, but this was undoubtedly a subject that needed to be addressed.

I expect that the DNC will pursue a Contested Convention to nominate their favorite corporate puppet and, if successful, would cement the fact that change will never come from a voting booth; only from the streets. It was brute force that stopped the Nazis, after all, not petitions or marches or songs of kumbaya, and while the analogy might be a bit hyperbolic it’s really not that far off.

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 11.05.07 PM.png
The U.S. Empire is more subtle in their war against the American People, but the annual body count surpasses the American fatalities in the entire Vietnam War. This is a war by any historically objective measure. 

Hopefully we can avoid violence, but if push comes to shove and it’s literally us or them, the 1% versus the 99%, it would be wise for us to at least have a plan for self-defense. 

Tulsi answered strongly enough, explaining why she believes that peace and solidarity from our side can ultimately end the war already being waged against us by the Establishment. She stands by the non-violent strategies of MLK. I respect this and largely do agree with her, but I also have some Malcolm X leanings. If we had an unlimited amount of time, MLK’s angle would certainly be effective. But the existential threat of climate change demands radical progress much sooner rather than later. There’s an expiration date for utilizing exclusively peaceful means, but I certainly hope I’m wrong.

Regardless, I had to ask Tulsi for her take because the Yellow Vest Movement in France has been such a role model for what could and must be done in America:

It should be noted that YVM does not necessitate violence but it’s admittedly difficult to avoid unless tens of millions participate. The opposition must be overwhelmingly outnumbered to prevent a conflict. I feel there may not enough time to organize a peaceful National Strike of such magnitude, but I hope I’m wrong. If everything ends up on the backs of a few thousand, or even tens of thousands, victory would not be achievable without a decisive show of force. The Establishment is run by sociopaths, after all, so they aren’t about to yield without a damn convincing reason.

Again, violence should always be a last resort. I am only advocating that it needs to remain on the table if things go too far south so we aren’t left scrambling, battered and broken in the streets. I suspect Tulsi would put on her uniform and join us if things were to escalate that far.

She is, after all, a soldier. 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
Thank you, Tulsi Gabbard, for calling on me. I’m an introvert and honestly didn’t think I’d have the opportunity, but it was greatly appreciated. A lot of politicians have “plants” in the audience to ensure softball questions, but you take real questions from real people and I thank you for sticking to an organic exchange of ideas.

You remain, by far, the most inspiring politician in my lifetime and if the system weren’t as broken as it is, if the media weren’t so cravenly corrupt, we would undoubtedly have a President Gabbard in the White House. That being said, it’s still not impossible. A growing number of Americans have your back and a brokered convention is most definitely going to happen. Having your voice at the table when that goes down will be vital.

I strongly encourage every eligible American to vote for Tulsi Gabbard. She’s a more gutsy version of Bernie Sanders with even greater foresight and a superior understanding of foreign policy. She’s the candidate the Establishment fears the most, hence the near media blackout, which is exactly why she’s the one that middle-class voters should to be uniting behind. But above all, vote your conscience.




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