I strongly believe that disputes and conflicts can and should be resolved with respectful dialogue and/or non-violent acts of civil disobedience. Diplomacy should be the method of resolution for any civilized society. So why title this post with “Destroy the Police”…? Because the American gestapo are not respectful, they are not non-violent and they are not civil. 

This isn’t a mere conflict or disagreement that can be hashed out. We’ve tried that already. We are engaged in a war in which one side has been remarkably, almost nauseatingly calm, raising fair points, making appropriate demands, and otherwise peacefully protesting, while the other has responded with chemical warfare (tear gas), flash-bang grenades, rubber bullets (which cause death 2% of the time), and a merciless onslaught of physical assaults. After committing war crimes against thousands of peaceful protestors, the gestapo can never regain our trust. 


Instances of cops taking a knee have proven to be insincere photo-ops. The corporate media conveniently stop filming when the majority of abuses have taken place. And in the rare instances they do film abuse and air it they push misleading narratives such as “a fight broke out between a demonstrator and police” when it should have read “gestapo mercilessly beat the shit out of American citizen“. Check it out for yourself:

Or how about all the headlines saying that cops “took a knee” with protestors? Here’s a video posted by NowThis (hip propaganda for kids) covering when the Portland police were “kneeling in solidarity”. Aw, what a feel good story. Cops aren’t that bad, right?


Here’s the Portland police later that night, filmed by independent journalists at Status Coup:



Where was the corporate media? Nowhere to be found. This leaves us with only our Twitter feeds to understand the full scope of the unfolding reality. This in itself should be an extreme cause for alarm. What if Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, suddenly decides to censor videos of police brutality due to “disturbing violent content”? Then what?? If all that stands between us and the truth about police brutality is a social media platform, then we’re already on the cusp of becoming a full-blown fascist state.


You’d think a supposedly “liberal” city like Los Angeles would have had at least a semi-decent response to all the public outcry at this point, right? Nope.

Mayor Eric Garcetti’s latest budget had dedicated 54% of the city’s unrestricted revenues, (nearly 30 percent of the entire city budget) to the LAPD for 2020-2021. After the protesting he scaled it back to 51%. The corporate media had his back, reporting that he had defunded $150 million from the LAPD, which sounded more impressive, instead of disclosing that it was only a 3% cut. Which actually only removed the proposed increase, leaving the same amount of funding as the 2019-2020 budget.

Garcetti was still terrified of the LAPD backlash over even doing that, so much so that he went on television and said that the 3% cut wasn’t because of protesting, but was part of cuts he’d already planned on implementing due to the financial crisis. The Los Angeles mayor is such a bitch to the police unions that he cut his own salary over three times more than the LAPD, exempting them from the 10% “across-the-board” cuts for state workers. Think about that. How small are Garcetti’s testicles?

Why do politicians bow down to the gestapo? This is why:

Police unions regularly spend on district attorney races to elect and influence prosecutors who will be aligned with their interests. 

Law enforcement groups in San Francisco spent more than $650,000 campaigning against progressive favorite Chesa Boudin in the city’s November DA race. Boudin narrowly won against interim DA Suzy Loftus. (Gascón resigned a few months before the election to move back to Los Angeles).

In Sacramento, California, District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert’s re-election campaign received $13,000 from police unions days after officers killed Stephon Clark, an unarmed Black man, in his grandmother’s backyard in 2018. After Elena Mondragon, an unarmed pregnant teenager, was killed by police in Fremont, California, in 2018, the local district attorney, Nancy O’Malley, received a $10,000 campaign donation from the police union. Both prosecutors ultimately declined to charge the officers, and both denied that the campaign donations influenced their decision-making. (

The federal response isn’t worth discussing as the Republicans have offered no plan at all and the Democrats have only proposed toothless measures that would actually increase funding to local law enforcement. If you want a lengthier breakdown of their so-called “Justice in Policing Act of 2020” proposal, click here. But I will add here this little gem, in which Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, was asked whether or not police unions were involved in this police “reform” bill. Take note of the body language and how quickly she avoids giving a direct answer:



Attempts to abolish the police and replace them with citizen-elected peace officers, answerable to WE THE PEOPLE will never be embraced by our feckless, useless leaders. Especially not under our current system of Oligarchy. This is the only non-violent solution and they’ve taken it off the table. What happens next is on them, not us.


There’s no need to explain why since they aren’t about to abolish themselves, but here’s an infuriatingly absurd, tone-deaf response to the protests from Mike O’Meara, the snowflake President of New York’s association of police unions.

Plus the gestapo lie their asses off as a matter of policy, so at no point should they even be part of the discussion. To involve them would be like someone accused of murder being allowed to deliberate with the jury at his/her own trial. That’s not how things work. 


We’ve written letters they never read, signed petitions they quickly discard, and marched in the streets without results. Who can we turn to?March some more? That doesn’t seem to be working, does it? Do you honestly think that if the Jewish people of Germany had rallied together to protest Hitler’s gestapo in the 1930’s that the Nazis would have ever thrown up their hands and went, “Gee, great point! You’re right!” Fuck no. The only real success we’ve seen so far was the defunding of the Minneapolis police department but the people there had to BURN DOWN THE THIRD PRECINCT POLICE STATION TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN. We know what works.


There is only one thing that these sociopathic monsters understand and it’s time that we start speaking their language. Every member of the American Gestapo has a name, a vehicle, and an address. Let’s take the protests directly to them until they recognize that it’s not the 99.8% of the country who should be afraid of them. It’s the 0.2% who wear a badge and carry a gun who should be afraid of us. Their job is to serve and protect us, not themselves. Our taxes pay their bloated salaries. We are their fucking boss. And we must remind them of that with force if necessary since nothing else appears to register. Peaceful protests are not sufficient. Full stop.

If politicians won’t remove the gestapo, then we will do it ourselves by any and all means necessary and everything that might imply. But never forget that this isn’t about revenge. And we never want violence. We must not get lost in the weeds or we risk becoming just like them. This is about our survival, our freedom, and our lives. The American gestapo have chosen to declare war on the American people and we have a Constitutional right to respond in kind against such fascist tyranny. And we will.

If you’re a cop, resign. NOW.


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