Don’t Vote. Revolt!

Whether our votes are counted (they aren’t) or has an impact (they don’t), I still support voting if only to exercise the right to prevent atrophy. The day Americans entirely give up on voting in America is the day we fully, voluntarily surrender that right. But it’s only worth the effort to vote for a candidate, not against a candidate. Voting for Joe Biden solely to vote against Donald Trump is a myopic strategy because it doesn’t provide room for an examination of what a Biden Presidency would actually look like.

So where does Joe Biden stand on some of the biggest political issues? This is by no means an exhaustive examination, but a few highlights I feel are very much worth mentioning. 


These three issues are inexorably connected. As Senator, Joe Biden wrote the infamous 1994 Crime Bill which added 100,000 gestapo to the streets, created more racist drug laws, harsher mandatory sentences, and contributed to the doubling of the U.S. prison population over the course of Bill Clinton’s Presidency. History shows that incarceration rates in America increased faster under Clinton than any other President before or after and Biden’s Crime Bill was the signature legislation behind that legacy. Then-Senator Biden of course didn’t explicitly say he was targeting black people, but he slyly, knowingly, referred to them by emphasizing the phrase beyond the pale. It’s clear to anyone who he was talking about.

Listen for yourself:

As recently as four years ago, even in hindsight, Biden remained proud of the Crime Bill’s “enormous success” and thought the real problem was that the gestapo didn’t have enough funding to do their job. And he still holds this same stance today, as does the Democratic Party. Their recent reform bill proposes over $1 billion in additional funding to police departments nationwide.

Whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden, Democrats have been condescending and pandering to black voters in a way that is blatant and insultingly obvious while hypocritically promoting policies that disproportionately harm communities of color. This kind of arrogance isn’t going to earn votes for Biden.

Obama inspired record black voter turnout, but those numbers crashed with Hillary in 2016 and they will crash again with Joe Biden this year. And deservedly so. They’re a constituency that has long been taken for granted as being in the bag for whoever the Democratic candidate is.
Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 5.30.15 PM
Fortunately, the black community has been waking up to the fact that as much as they don’t have allies in the Republican Party, they largely do not in the Democratic Party either. They still have nostalgia for Obama, which is what Biden hopes will carry over to his advantage, but I suspect that won’t be the case.

Here’s Cornell West telling it like it is:


Fracking creates air pollution and water contamination due to the toxic chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, as well as destabilizing the ground which ergo produces more earthquakes. The most jarring example was in Oklahoma, which went from having 1-3 3.0+ earthquakes per year for 40+ years to as high as 887 in 2015.

Part of the trillion dollar “stimulus” response to the Great Recession in 2009 was funding for “green” energy.  The fracking industry was wrongly included in this category and experienced the largest expansion in U.S. history, which marketed “natural gas” as a greener alternative to fossil fuels.

Biden has promoted the idea of natural gas as a stepping stone away from dirtier fuels like coal and gasoline. In truth, it’s so damaging to the environment that some countries such as Ireland and France have banned it entirely.


“We are in a climate emergency. Yet for the last several elections, even the majority of politicians who claim to care about our future have done little more than say they believe the climate crisis is real. That doesn’t cut it anymore. In 2020, true climate leadership means nothing less than saying ‘yes’ to a Green New Deal and ‘no’ to fossil fuels.” – Janet Redman, climate campaign director for Greenpeace USA

While I have my issues with AOC, she’s absolutely correct that we cannot accept any “middle-ground” approach on climate change. Drastic action must be taken, nothing less.

Some voters will point out that Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement that the Obama/Biden regime had signed on to as a reason to think Biden is the better bet. But it’s worth pointing out that even the Paris Agreement didn’t go far enough in the first place and any half-measures will not suffice. And when it came to climate, Obama/Biden did a horrific job. Besides fracking the hell out of the country, they even opened up the Arctic for offshore oil drilling. Twice!

Trump doing nothing versus Biden doing a small fraction of what is required still dooms our species. This is an all-or-nothing issue. We need a true champion of science who will truly treat climate change as an absolute top priority. Does Joe Biden seem serious about addressing this problem? I don’t think so.


This is an issue where most Americans suffer severe amnesia because of Trump’s pattern of racist rhetoric, but let’s put aside what Trump has said and focus on what he has actually done. 

In terms of the sheer number of deportations, the Obama/Biden regime still holds the all-time record averaging 383,307 per year for a total of over 3 million people.

Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 2.59.23 PM

The Obama/Biden regime was so merciless against immigrants that the hispanic community nicknamed Obama the Deporter-in-Chief. They felt betrayed by Obama and saw Hillary as more of the same. That’s why, despite Trump’s racist rhetoric, he still managed to secure 29% of the Hispanic vote in 2016.

Some might argue that Trump wanted to deport more immigrants than Obama but failed solely due to incompetence, but even that would be incorrect. Trump stated in 2016 that it was his express goal to remove 2-3 million, which would put him dead center between President Bush and President Obama. Still too many, but the notion that Trump’s deportation numbers are a radical shift from the previous 16 years of U.S. immigration policy is simply not defensible.

Joe Biden was confronted by a Democratic supporter during the 2020 campaign about the record levels of deportations while he was Vice President. Biden dismissed the perfectly valid question and, rather than answer it, advised the would-be voter should just vote for Trump:

As for putting immigrant children in cages, which I’d be remiss not to mention, please refer to my previous article, “Jailing (Not Just) Immigrant Children” from June 18, 2018.

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 3.51.19 PM.png

There’s not much that needs to be said about this subject. Joe Biden voted for the Iraq War, demonstrating insanely poor judgment that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. This alone should sufficiently disqualify him from being Commander-in-Chief.

The Obama/Biden regime expanded beyond Iraq and Afghanistan to also include Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, and the led the ongoing genocide in Yemen, making full use of the drone assassination program as it continued to expand in size and scope. Between all 7 countries bombed by Obama/Biden, at least a million civilians were killed under their watch. In 2016, the U.S. dropped so many bombs that we briefly ran out of them:


The U.S. paid ISIS to overthrow President Gaddafi in Libya. Here’s Joe Biden talking about how we gave Libyans “freedom”:

Libya, which once had guaranteed housing for all of their people, particularly fell apart and became a failed state with an open slave market.

Wait, did he say freedom…?

Joe Biden has stated repeatedly that he supports maintaining and expanding Obamacare. The centerpiece behind Obamacare was a mandate that forced all Americans, by law, to purchase private health insurance. This idea originally came from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think-tank, back in 1989. Despite running on single-payer (comparable to Medicare For All), Obama even abandoned a public-option and sold us was literally a two-decade old Republican plan. And liberals blindly cheered for it anyway and even called it “progress”.

While the plan did increase some consumer protections and provided some subsidies for lower income Americans, Obamacare never addressed the core problem because it protected and even strengthened the for-profit healthcare industry that needed to be abolished entirely.

Insurance companies function only as middle-men between patients and doctors and intentionally deny services to maximize profits. That is literally all that they do. They do not provide healthcare. The healthcare industry donated heavily to Obama’s 2008 campaign, three times as much as John McCain. In fact, insurance stock prices shot up, not down, after Obamacare was passed. It was a gift to his donors by any measure and Joe Biden was riding shotgun for the whole ride.

Despite a strong majority of the country supporting Medicare For All and despite that it would save trillions compared to the current system, Joe Biden has pledged to veto this popular legislation. Even though it would provide healthcare to all Americans for less money, even if Congress were to pass it, and despite the country being in the midst of a global pandemic, Joe Biden would still reject it.

No Democratic candidate has pulled in more from the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries than Biden, who raised more than $97,000. The former vice president took in more than $11,000 from affiliates of industry giant Blue Cross/Blue Shield, including the maximum $2,800 from Daniel Hilferty, CEO of Independence Blue Cross who sits on the board of a major health insurance trade group that is fighting to defeat Sanders’ Medicare for All healthcare plan. (


We can once again look at recent history for an idea of how Joe Biden would handle Great Depression 2.0. Since he’s essentially relying on the legacy of Obama, the same losing campaign strategy that backfired for Hillary in 2016, let’s look at how the Obama regime responded to the previous economic crisis.

The short version? Massive bailout commitments to Wall Street ($16.8 trillion), a few hundred billion in crumbs for Main Street. As Big Banks were rewarded for crashing the economy, middle-class taxpayers were left only with unemployment extensions, expanded food stamp benefits, some tax credits, and a modest infrastructure program that sparked a few jobs. There wasn’t even a single $1200 stimulus check. There was no serious cash infusion for regular Americans at all, leaving the majority to scrape by and fend for themselves. This is why it was the slowest economic recovery in history, because rather than invest in the middle-class the Obama/Biden regime opted for the same failed trickle-down economics Reagan, Clinton, and Bush had used. And yes, Obama was fully conscious that his policies mirrored President Reagan’s from the 80’s:

During this same time over 9 million Americans who were ripped off by mortgage lenders were mercilessly kicked out of their homes while those very same Banks that ripped them off got bailed out. One of the long term ramifications of this still impacting us today is that there are 6 empty homes in America for every 1 homeless American. Yes, you read correctly. Obama/Biden could have used the crisis to break up the “too big to fail” banks to prevent a similar crisis in the future. They didn’t. And now it’s happening again.

Is President Biden going to swoop in, raise taxes on the wealthy, erase student loan debt, fight for a living wage, promote tuition-free college, UBI, and start a long overdue federal jobs program…? Hell no. Not when he’s being funded by ten times as many billionaires as any other Democratic candidate in the primary.

 Joe Biden was a sellout throughout his career since the beginning, admitting that he was eager to “prostitute himself” to Big Money. There is no rational reason to think he’s going to magically change his tune and lead the political revolution we want.


Why did the Democratic Party rig the primary for such a terrible candidate? The same reason they rigged it for Hillary the last time. They are still counting on Americans hating Trump so much that they’ll blindly vote for any alternative, even if the alternative is just as heinous (or worse). That’s why we rarely see Joe Biden actually campaigning. Have you noticed? He had such a problem speaking due to his dementia that his handlers decided to just keep him quiet and hope Trump destroys himself. That’s how weak he is.

Joe Biden will undoubtedly make some verbal concessions to lure progressive voters, but those promises will never be fulfilled. He will say anything but he won’t mean a word of it. And we know that because Biden has a very long and extensive history of being a pathological liar.

Just like Trump:

And did I mention he’s also a rapist on top of everything else? Too bad our corporate media has all but buried the story, which alone should have disqualified Biden from the primary. Even Bernie Sanders refused to address the issue because Joe Biden is his “friend”.

Here’s Jimmy Dore’s commentary on that sexual assault and the full original account from Tara Reade while speaking to truth-teller Katie Halper.

Biden Trump

If you vote for NEITHER OF THE ABOVE then you are a principled, moral voter who correctly recognizes that voting for the lesser of two evils, by default, cannot yield a positive result. Doing so only perpetuates the downward spiral our country has been on since at least 1981, which is precisely why it became possible for someone like Donald Trump to become President in the first place. If we don’t learn from history we will eventually end up with someone even worse than Trump.

Don’t settle for these monsters, America. Put a foot down and reject them both.


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