Joe Biden is Disqualified

Joe Biden came out of hiding for the first time in months to do a press conference and the questions and answers were prepared in advance. The corporate media made a point not to give it much attention and for good reason. If you watch you’ll notice Biden has teleprompters and written notes that he directly reads from. The entire Q&A was so scripted, so staged, that even the order of the reporters being called on was prepared ahead of time.

At the very end a reporter address Biden’s cognitive decline. And what did Joe do? He immediately glances at the teleprompter looking for a lifeline, then steps awkwardly back to the podium where his notes are. He panicked.

They didn’t try to hide how staged this press conference was and it’s obvious to anyone who watches that it was a practiced performance. This kind of bumbling ineptitude is exactly that would be reflected throughout Biden’s hypothetical Presidency:

“Read this, Mr. President.”
“Oh, Okay. Wait, who am I?”
“You’re Joe Biden. You’re the President and you’re about to explain the war on Iran.”
“Explain what to who?”
“Why you nuked Iran this morning. You’ll be speaking to the nation, Mr. President.”
“Oh, okay. Where’s Jill?”
“Your wife is right next to you, sir.”
“Oh, okay. And what about Barney? Where’s my dog?”
“That was President Bush’s dog, sir. You never had a dog named Barney.”
“Well you tell that purple dino not to poop on my lawn again. Not on my grass, got it? I’m a Senator for Pete’s sake. I’m Joe Biden!”
“Yes and you’re the President, Joe. President. Okay, we’re live in two minutes. Take your time, read the cards, and if you have any trouble at all someone will tell you what to say in your ear piece. Okay?”
“You CIA fellas sure are some smart cookies. Speaking of cookies, where’s Jill?”
“Uh, still next to you.”
“And Barney?”
“One minute and we’re live, Mr. President.”
“Where the fuck is my goddamn dog??”
“Thirty seconds.”
“I just pooped.”
“We’ll change you after, it’s fine.”
“I’m sorry.”
“And we’re live!”
“Good evening, my fellow Americans…!”

Fantastic sitcom material. Absolutely horrific when you consider what is actually at stake. Pandemic. Climate change. A possible civil war. A definite Great Depression. Skyrocketing income inequality. Banking crisis. Housing crisis. Infrastructure crisis. Endless regime-change wars. Gestapo cops. The list of issues, many existential in scope, appear endless.

Yet Biden is in such severe mental decline that he can’t even answer questions from reporters himself, without a script. And even then he bumbles through it. 

Revolution in the streets is required for our survival.

When the economy completely craters, and it will once the hospitals are overrun by the surging coronavirus and the life-support the stock market is finally unplugged, the government will collapse. Whether we act or not the, U.S. Empire is inevitably going to fall just like every single other Empire throughout history. Too much priority has been made on imperialism overseas and not enough prioritized domestically. With so much wealth concentrated at the top and the middle-class voters no longer having any say in the decision making under Oligarchy, and faux-leadership from either Trump or Biden, how could you possibly be hopeful about the current trajectory? The future isn’t hard to extrapolate.

The only difference with our Empire is that the U.S. holds 80% of all assets in the world and is the only nation that has proven itself unafraid of using nuclear weapons. America is holding the global economy hostage with enough weaponry to silence any opposition. The most viable strategy is for American citizens to take responsibility for the draconian Empire we allowed to rise due to ignorance, apathy, and abject stupidity.

Other nations cannot intervene without triggering severe reprisal. To collapse the Empire will require sustained effort from within. 

There is going to be a make-or-break moment within a year in America. I strongly recommend we be proactive rather than reactive if we want any hope of successfully rebooting the country and steering it in the direction of a thriving middle-class. 

Presuming, of course, that we survive the transition. Our odds are higher if we organize, lower if we sit around and wait. Let’s get moving.


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