The Radical Left: Only Fans or Only Fools?

I don’t lecture about the dangers of heroin use because those dangers are already widely acknowledged as medical fact. The number of users is relatively low because of that shared understanding. But imagine if society shifted gears and heroin use became as common as marijuana, if it started to be viewed as harmless. Now imagine if it became outright normalized rather than treated as an epidemic. I would hope people would be concerned enough to speak out against it.


Unfortunately, sex work has not been given the same level of scrutiny. It may not be a poison you inject in your arm, but it is a psychological poison injected into the mind, both for the workers and those paying for their services. Sure, everyone condemns sex-trafficking and pedophilia. That’s a great start. But why are we so quick to give a moral green light to other sects of the sex worker industry? And I’m not just talking about porn. I’m taking about all of it. 


Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 2.15.41 PM
BuzzFeed is apparently more worried about the porn industry surviving the pandemic than the unhealthy insanity of everyone making porn at home. (LINK)  


One reason behind the successful manufactured consent of this epidemic is because the world is run by Oligarchs, mostly comprised of sociopathic men. The very Patriarchy that feminists rail against would like nothing less than for women to be objects for their own perverse pleasures. Epstein’s clientele of wealthy pedophiles are a perfect example of this elitist entitlement.

Granted that circle involves underage children, but my point is that those with the most money in our society would certainly prefer a society in which anything and anyone can be bought and paid for. And since they control the news media, the politicians who make our laws, and the entertainment we are provided, they have a strong propagandist influence over what we do or do not permit as a culture. So of course a growing segment of the population is embracing sex work.

In fact, BuzzFeed has reported that OnlyFans “was gaining 200,000 new users every 24 hours” as of May and “7,000 to 8,000 new creators are joining every day”. The media likes to toy around with words, obfuscating the truth by substituting “prostitutes” with “new creators”. But that’s what is happening here. Thousands of new prostitutes daily, almost exclusively young people, many under 25, which means their brains haven’t even fully developed yet.
Young minds, by default, are the most susceptible to this onslaught of propaganda. So it isn’t surprising at all that the sex worker industry is viewed so positively by Millennials. The ethics of the matter have become entirely secondary and are rarely discussed because the issue of choice has become more important than the morality of those choices. At some point a line must be drawn. 

Instead the overriding prism for which this subject is debated has boiled down to a liberal vs. conservative issue. If you’re a liberal you better cheerlead for sex workers and if you’re a conservative you’re written off as too old-fashioned to ever “get it”. But this issue should not be any more about politics than wearing a mask during a global pandemic. It’s about human psychology and the very real, very measurable damage this industry has inflicted on our collective psyche and which continues to be inflicted almost entirely unabated.

Well, being the outspoken sonofabitch that I am, I made a post on my personal Facebook page bluntly expressing my disgust with the “OnlyFans” and “Chatterbate” communities and any other low-key forms of prostitution, both the buyers and sellers alike. 

Here’s what I posted:

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 11.59.51 AM


Bed restraints, handcuffs, sex in public (outdoors is a personal favorite), choking, simulated rape, tantric sex… I’ve had my share of sexual experiences and am very open-minded when it comes to the confines of an actual relationship, whether that relationship be casual or serious in nature. But as soon as money is involved that turns the whole affair into a business transaction and that is where the line should be drawn. And if that makes me a prude then you must have invented your own definition for the word.

I firmly believe that human bodies should not be bought or sold, whether that be for slavery or sex. It could be as extreme as “I’ll give you three hundred bucks to fuck!” or as comparatively mild as “I’ll give you five bucks for a pic of your titties!” There is a difference, but my ethical position remains the same. You can sell things, humans are not things, humans should ergo not be for sale. When did this become so controversial?

Here’s a basic example most of us can relate to. At some point you likely received a nude photo from a boyfriend or girlfriend. It meant something to you, didn’t it? It was a gift from someone who cared about you, who was attracted to you, who trusted you enough to be vulnerable. That pic was taken for you and you alone. You didn’t show it off to your co-workers or friends (okay, maybe one or two close friends). And none of this had to be discussed because there was an unspoken, mutual understanding. It was personal. It was special. It was respectful. And that dynamic further brought you two closer together when both sides kept up their end of the social contract.

Now imagine that your boyfriend/girlfriend gets asked by some random stranger for a nude photo for five bucks and he/she agreed without hesitation. How would you feel? Kind of cheapens things, doesn’t it? Would you really be okay with your significant other sending nudes to strangers for profit? Would you really be okay with him/her being engaged in any form of prostitution? And if you are, what does that say about you and your sense of self-worth? What does that say about your relationship?

If given serious thought and answered honestly, the answer would be no 99.9% of the time and you know it. Whether or not we are all willing to openly admit it and communicate how we feel to our partner is another matter. And if you’re single, would you be more or less interested in someone who engages in this kind of behavior?

When people join this industry they are cheating themselves. They are sacrificing dignity for cash, which is why it’s especially prevalent in America during this period of late-stage capitalism and economic distress. The more money dictates your choices, the more you structure your life around the Almighty Dollar, the less human you become and the less of a life you will lead. But hey, if you want to make that choice then go for it. The reason I’m speaking out is because when enough people fall into this pit of despair, they’ll drag the rest of society down with them. Then it ceases to be about personal choice and more of a public safety concern. And I for one will not ignore it.


Despite the fact that those who engage in this industry are debasing and otherwise dehumanizing themselves, I remain in favor of legalizing sex work for consenting adults. Why? Because on principle I don’t think governments should be in the business of regulating morality. I apply a libertarian approach to prostitution the same as I do for drugs. Just because I don’t believe someone should be put in a cage for using heroin doesn’t mean I support using heroin.

Our laws should be shaped to protect the safety of the collective, not to carve out what is moral or immoral. Legislating morality is not tenable to being realistically enforced anyway. The disasterous attempt to prohibit the use of alcohol proved that to be true, as does the war on drugs that continues to this day.

If others wish to engage in sex-related business transactions, they are free to do so. I’m not about to stop anyone nor would I reject a friend who chose to engage in it. But that doesn’t mean I have to support it and I should be able to express that position on my own social media without being attacked by someone who disagrees, especially in the absence of a substantive rebuttal.

And yet that’s exactly what happened.

I will keep her name anonymous because my goal here isn’t to denigrate anyone, but to use what she said as an example of a growing fallacy on the Left that must be fiercely combatted.

Here was her opening salvo in response to my post:

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 11.38.28 AM

Right off the bat she attacked me by calling me a misogynist. If her goal was to convince me that my view was incorrect and hers was valid, this was pretty poor way of going about it. Instead of civilly articulating her thoughts she immediately insulted me. One might point out that my post was also insulting, but it cannot be argued that I attacked any specific individual. I made a broad statement criticizing an entire industry. She replied with a personal attack on my character. If that attack at least had some merit I’d cut her some slack, but it didn’t. It was devoid of any meaningful point.

Let’s review what misogynistic means:

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 1.49.44 AM
I invited her to re-read my original post in which I addressed both buyers and sellers of sexual favors regardless of gender. I never used “he” or “she” or otherwise mentioned gender, so for her to make the leap that I was somehow attacking women was not just illogical but blatantly false.

She later fired back that the majority of those who sell nudes are women and therefore I was still being misogynistic, doubling-down on her dishonesty. I do not dispute that the majority of sellers are women, but the majority of buyers are men and I was criticizing both ends of the business transaction.
Either she purposefully ignored that vital contextual detail or was just too enraged to think rationally enough to process it. She then asked what business of it was mine to shame sex workers. 

My reply: 

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 1.18.54 PM.png

That doesn’t mean she didn’t have a right to offer up a contrasting perspective, which I do encourage because constructive dialogue is the best means of conflict resolution. I made a public post on my page so it would be ridiculously entitled for me to not expect a potentially contrarian response. But for her to go on the attack the way that she did was not okay and was even self-defeating to her own cause.

Ironically she once said in the past, quote, you cannot bully me into being empathetic. End quote. She was right. Too bad she didn’t practice what she preached. 

In her reply she claimed Only Fans was “rad as shit” because straight-up porn is so rife with abuse. she should have made a pro-industry argument rather than simply explaining why it’s “better” than something worse.Physical assault is better than murder by comparison, right? But that isn’t a defense of physical assault is it? To argue for something you must make an affirmative case for it. If you want me to vote for Biden, don’t tell me why Trump is terrible. Tell me why Biden deserves my vote. You feel me?

Finally, she harped on why legalizing sex work helps to combat illegal sex-trafficking. She wasn’t wrong on this point. The problem was that she already knew I supported legalization and was only preaching to the choir. And if for some reason she didn’t remember that, I hadn’t mentioned a word about legality in my post anyway. She leapt to a conclusion and it was false. The issue being debated also wasn’t even about legality, but ethics.

At no point did she make the case as to why prostitution, in any form, was morally justified. She therefore never even had an actual rebuttal! All she did was insult me, said the porn industry was worse, and dodged the ethics question altogether.

Was it worth it?

I really don’t think it’s even controversial, let alone bigoted, to believe that sex should be a meaningful exchange between adults, rather than something monetized. You don’t have to be religious to recognize that sex is a mutual exchange of energies. Anyone who has ever had a one-night stand and an actual relationship knows damn well that there is a massive difference between just fucking and actually making love. At least a one-night stand has the potential to turn into a second-night, a third, and maybe something more serious. But if you’re paying for a prostitute then you are fully removing any and all emotionality from the equation.

What, you’re going to date someone you previously paid to fuck? I’m not saying it’s impossible, but the odds are inherently against it. But hey, good luck.



I’ve heard the argument that prostitution has always existed throughout human history, as if this were somehow a justification. You know what else has been around forever? Slavery, rape, genocide… but we don’t embrace these as acceptable, do we? Just because something terrible has survived the tests of time doesn’t make it any less terrible.

Here’s the most classic argument:
Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 6.51.04 PM

This one tends to resonate most because a lot of people do feel like they’re selling themselves at their jobs. But what are you selling at your 9-5 job? Time. You’re sacrificing time. But what are you selling through prostitution? Your physical body. Privacy, dignity, respectability, and jeopardizing future job prospects.

Another argument I’ve heard is that single mothers struggling to provide for their kids sometimes don’t have an alternative means of income. I consider this a bad argument not because it’s wrong but because it’s so widely understood that it should just be a given. Of course desperate times call for desperate measures! Of course a parent should do whatever is necessary to provide for their child! That still doesn’t magically make prostitution ethical just because a reasonable exception exists in one special circumstance. Some will even argue that being a prostitute is a means of standing up to the Patriarchy:

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 6.50.22 PM

So if women volunteer to be sex objects, the Patriarchy… doesn’t win? That’s like if Luke Skywalker destroyed the Rebel Alliance and declared the Empire lost. Feminists who feel empowered simply because they chose to do exactly what the Patriarchy set out to inflict upon them in the first place, that it was their choice rather than forced have achieved a very pretty special level of self-deception. By that logic, blacks that volunteer to pick cotton in the fields for no pay wouldn’t be slaves, they’d be victorious! Congratulations, ladies. You’ve been successfully duped into destroying your own movement. Nice job!  

Whether nude pics or the full horizontal tango, the normalization of sex as currency is not an indicator of a moral or just society. I understand that some readers will quickly dismiss my position on prostitution as subjective judgment. That would be a mistake, as my stance goes far beyond any personal code of mere ethics. Prostitution is factually damaging to the human psyche not because of any gut feeling, but based on objective psychological research.

I highly recommend starting with this article from Scientific American which makes a strong case for why many men and women should be seeking therapy for their psychological issues ranging from loneliness to a lack of self-worth. Paying for sexual favors is a vice to fill a void, but never actually fulfilling. But, like heroin, they go back for another fix because it’s addictive.

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 7.14.11 PM

In April 2020, BBC Three published a documentary and found that on a single day a third of Twitter profiles globally advertising ‘nudes4sale’ (or similar) appeared to belong to underage individuals on various platforms, and many of those used OnlyFans to share their content. Here’s an article that addresses this scandal. You’d think something like this would have made serious headlines. Again, this is how corporate propaganda works. Not only do they elevate fake news but they keep the real news suppressed. That’s why the fake shit is so effective.

And people think OnlyFans is an alternative that keeps minors out of the sex industry…? Give me a fucking break!

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 7.20.13 PM

The negative reply I received to my Facebook post was truly a demonstration of what not to do and it serves as a perfect example of exactly why the right-wing has risen in America while liberalism seems to be in starker decline. 

The Left frequently has the correct view in most regards when it comes to the big tent-pole issues. Progressives especially, which I consider myself to be, fight for policies that not only hold up morally but fiscally. When math and morality align it’s a strong bet that you’ve stumbled upon an objectively winning policy, which typically is anything that benefits the greatest number people for the lowest cost. Medicare for All, tuition-free college, wiping out student debt, raising the minimum wage to a living wage, ending regime-change wars, and UBI are all perfect win-win examples.

If they have such superior policies, why aren’t they leading? Or at the very least, why aren’t they attracting enough majority support to seriously challenge the Oligarchy? Because they sabotage themselves, just like those who support and engage in the sex worker industry, by being self-righteous despite their naïveté and hypocritically refusing to engage in civilized debate to learn better.
If allies don’t align with their views 100% then radical liberals don’t want you in their club at all. They’ll call you intolerant when it’s they who cannot tolerate differences of opinion, especially on social issues. Liberals will push away their own allies with misguided outrage and then still wonder why they never seem to have enough support to gain traction.
Mention that those with gender confusion should seek therapy first before rushing to go under the knife because sometimes it boils down to just a deeply-rooted psychological problem. Radical liberals will respond by calling you transphobic and/or a bigot without skipping a beat. Forget the fact that talking out your issues first is all but universally recommended by medical professionals or that therapy is standard before, during, and after the transitioning process. All knee-jerk liberals seem to hear in their minds is “transsexuals are mentally ill“. It’s like they get triggered by certain keywords, ignore the rest of the sentence, then mash those keywords together in an arrangement that justifies the outrage they originally, irrationally, evoked. 


This is also the case with conservatives. Say you support single-payer and they’ll call you a socialist, but say you support Medicare for All and a majority will agree. Emotions can and should be a factor in many decisions, no question, but if that emotion overrides the logic circuits in your brain then that’s a serious detriment to the communication of ideas and guarantees conflict.


Also frustrating is that a portion of those ostracized liberals invariably default to the Right because, say what you will about Republicans, they will at least allow you to speak your mindTrump, for example, was despised by the RNC during the 2016 Republican debates. Party insiders did not want him to win the nomination. But for better or worse he was not silenced and he was permitted a fair shake. Compare that to the treatment of Bernie Sanders who had the primary rigged against him by the DNC.

If the radical Left continues embracing cancel culture, stricter limitations on free speech, condemning people as guilty before due process, while at the same time declaring that young people selling their bodies for cash is “totally rad” and encouraging people to transition before considering therapy first… well, let’s just say that I’m concerned that my side of the political spectrum will be finally sink the whole ship. 

What I learned from that furious reply on Facebook is that it’s apparently not liberal enough to just support legalizing sex work, a very liberal position last I checked, but you must also agree with it on a moral basis. Express anything to the contrary and you will be bullied and smeared. You must agree, fully, body and soul. Or you’re out.

These extreme social positions and the aggressive condemnation of anyone with an alternative perspective is self-sabotaging and directly fuels our dangerous far-right opposition.

If they want to have such radical views then it would serve their own cause well to communicate a clear and substantive rebuttal, not knee-jerk outbursts. Until more of the Left develops enough emotional maturity to look beyond what ultimately amounts to truly petty and inconsequential differences they will never join together in numbers great enough to win.

And that would be a damn shame because that only rolls out the red carpet for Right-wing totalitarianism. The Left needs to chill on the radical and unite behind the sensible.

Cue the faux outrage in 3…2…1…

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