I knew Captain Cheese Doodle would become President the same day Bernie Sanders dropped out of the 2016 primary. How? Because I knew Hillary had, based on actual data, zero chance of winning the White House. (Okay, maybe more than zero, but the odds were very, very heavily against her).

Analysis of her career indicated that she had a history of consistently achieving peak support at the start of her campaigns and, at best, maintained it. If her level of support changed it only went down. Never up.

On September 28, 2015, only 39% of voters viewed her favorably, while 47% saw her unfavorably (according to an NBC/WSJ poll). That means nearly half the country was against her from the start. If her numbers could only go down, that didn’t bode well for the future of her campaign. In fact, she even regularly lost in every head-to-head match-up against every Republican candidate except for Trump. At one point John Kasich held an 11-point lead against Hillary and people barely knew who the fuck he was (Governor of Ohio).


Because only Republican candidate she ever had a chance of beating was actually Trump, that’s why Bill Clinton personally pushed him to run.

The chart below shows the average favorable/unfavorable ratings for Hillary during the two years leading up to the 2016 election. The DNC rigged the primary in her favor despite Hillary officially being the second most unfavored Presidential candidate in U.S. history. When it came down to Hillary vs. Trump, the corporate media polls that supposedly got it so wrong were actually pretty on-point despite their bias. A collection of polls averaged together showed her holding only a 2.3-point lead against Trump, which was well within the margin of error.

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 1.28.14 AM

Why do I bring this up now? Especially after I previously discussed all this at length already? Because history is repeating itself but liberals are still so misinformed, so ignorant, so unjustifiably confident that they cannot even conceive of losing to Trump a second time. Why? Because they hate Trump so badly that their ability to reason has been suspended. And we know this is true because they still think corrupt pieces of shit like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are somehow viable alternatives that will make their lives better, despite the Democratic Party doing nothing but fucking over the middle-class for decades.

The other key point that liberals fail to recognize is that Dems don’t care if they win or lose because their mission as a branch of The Corporate Party is to ensure a corporatist maintains the White House. That’s the number one priority both Parties share. The idea that they are actually in conflict with one another is theater and it’s the wool that Americans must remove from their eyes.

Corporate polls have made it appear that Biden has an insurmountable lead. Yet Emerson College’s polling system, one of the most respected out there, recently reported the following:

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 1.46.41 AM

Joe Biden is leading by only four points with a margin of error of +/- 3.1%. Which means on the low end he’s only ahead by 0.9% and his latest unfavorable rating is a dismal 46.1%.  How anyone can so quickly forget what went down in 2016, how and why it happened, and still believe with such confidence that Biden will be our next President is beyond my comprehension.

I’ve asked “Blue No Matter Who” liberals to explain to me why I should vote for Joe Biden without mentioning Trump and not one person has been able to do so. Maybe it’s because Biden and Trump have way more in common than the corporate media is willing to admit.


Biden is also in cognitive decline.
(sorry for the source, but it was the best compilation and it’s legitimate footage)

Biden is also a warmonger.

Biden also opposes Medicare for All.

Biden has also been credibly accused of rape.

Biden is also a sociopath.

Biden also doesn’t take climate change seriously.
Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 4.13.05 PM.png

Biden is also racist.

Biden also opposes legalizing marijuana.

Biden is also against defunding the police.

Biden is also bought and paid for by billionaires.
Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 6.29.12 PM

Biden also supports cutting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

And both are pathological liars.


A vote for Trump or Biden is a vote for the continued decline of the middle-class. Full stop. Whether one would be worse or not is immaterial, as the differences are not substantial enough to warrant consideration. It’s short-term thinking to keep voting for the lesser of two evils. Don’t make that mistake again, America. Don’t feel pressured or bullied to vote for evil because caving will only ensure that this country continues to circle the drain. Yet some still argue that this is somehow progress?

It isn’t. 

#NeverBiden #DemExit #NeverTrump #DontVoteREVOLT #Revolution2020

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