Korrupt Kamala

Many liberals disgusted with Joe Biden’s abysmal record seem ready and willing to hold their nose and vote for him anyway for one reason and one reason only (aside from getting Trump out of office). If/when Biden steps down or croaks, Vice President Kamala Harris would be promoted to the Oval Office.

This calculation isn’t unfounded. Biden’s mental decline has been so stark over the last few years that it’s entirely possible he won’t live long enough to be inaugurated. That is, in the off-chance he manages to squeak out a victory in November. (The polls are extremely misleading and I remain firm in my prediction that Trump will be re-elected).

Liberals who view Kamala as the redeeming half of the Biden/Harris ticket are putting a dangerous amount of unfounded faith in her ever being any kind of champion for the Left.

(SPOILER ALERT) Kamala Harris is one of the most corrupt Democrats, a shamelessly career-minded politician who wavers on every issue and stands by progressive policies in rhetoric only.

I’m going to briefly explain why and if by the end of this article you still think voting for Biden/Harris is a moral decision because you’re too “YAAASS QUEEN” for Kamala to examine her record, then go for it. But if you actually care, please review the following and understand exactly who and what you are voting for. Any responsible voter should welcome this information.


Below is the ad Kamala Harris used to kick off her campaign. Notice how she rattles off words, says they aren’t just words, then fails to expand upon what any of these words actually meant in regards to policy. In fact, she never mentions a single actual position in the entire ad. Career politicians will often avoid specifics if they don’t actually stand for anything, allowing themselves the flexibility to change positions as they go along. This is a textbook example.

This is arguably the most generic, insincere political ad of 2020.

Let’s compare that to Tulsi Gabbard’s first campaign ad, which introduced her as someone fighting to end regime-change wars and explained how these conflicts have undermined America both ethically and financially. She wants more money spent at home to build the middle-class up, instead of overseas to tear other countries down. Sounds good to me!

This is arguably the most effective and concise political ad of 2020.

Wasn’t that clear? Concise? Dare I say actually inspiring? That’s because Tulsi Gabbard articulated the centerpiece of her campaign, a message she actually believes in, while Kamala Harris articulated… well, nothing. Literally nothing. Watch Kamala’s ad again and ask yourself what is she standing up for? What is she against? She only offers us platitudes.


During her campaign Kamala supported a ban on fracking, a decision celebrated by climate change activists and scientists across the board and receiving a thumbs up from progressives. Banning fracking is a key piece of any serious climate change legislation.

But now that she has a serious path to becoming President, Kamala is willing to give up on this issue in order to appease Joe Biden and their corporate donors. A principled politician would not waiver on such a serious issue.

Kamala defended her reversal by arguing that fracking creates jobs, then amusingly closed by saying that we can both create jobs and address climate change at the same time, completely negating her own argument.


In September 2019, Harris boasted at a CNN town hall event about suing Exxon/Mobil while Attorney General of California. Not only didn’t she win in her challenge against Big Oil, she never actually sued them. It wasn’t even a half-truth. She blatantly lied, knowing how important climate change was to liberal and progressive voters. CNN, of course, didn’t challenge her.

It should be noted that the Democratic National Committee has fully resumed accepting donations from Big Oil and therefore cannot be relied on to prioritize climate change. Out of the top 20 recipients of campaign donations from Big Oil in 2020, Joe Biden ranks #3. More information can be found on OpenSecrets.org here.


When Christine Blasey Ford accused then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, Kamala Harris took Ford’s side, called her “brave”, and proposed that the FBI do a thorough background check on Kavanaugh to find out “who he really is”.

I think we can all agree that every accusation of sexual assault should be taken as genuine, investigated, and then the facts should determine how best to move forward. Kamala Harris stressed the importance of getting down to the truth before voting on Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

“The American public deserves to know the character of someone who will serve for his entire life on the highest Court in our country. Are we about to put someone on the U.S. Supreme Court who committed a sexual assault?” – Kamala Harris

If she truly believes that, then why doesn’t she apply that same standard to Joe Biden? He was credibly accused of sexual assault by Tara Reade yet Kamala is okay with being his Vice President? Jesus.


Kamala Harris was an original co-sponsor of Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All legislation, which would provide coverage to all Americans while also significantly reducing overall costs. It’s a win-win progressive position supported by over 90% of Democrats, over 70% of Independents, and over 50% of Republicans. Kamala was right to support it.

Kamala Harris even criticized Joe Biden directly during the second primary debate. She correctly pointed out that Biden’s plan, by design, fails to cover all Americans and said there was no excuse for his lackluster position.

Now she shares his position? So much for integrity.


If you’re against private prisons and mass incarceration, you cannot support Kamala Harris without being a supreme hypocrite. This is one of her weakest areas based on her documented history of keeping prisoners in jail beyond their sentence length to maintain the prison labor industry, prosecuting for petty marijuana possession, and withholding exonerating evidence that would have saved a man from death row.

Watch as Tulsi Gabbard confronts Harris over this record directly to her face:


You’d think being against pedophile priests and supporting their victims would be a no-brainer regardless of political ideology, but Kamala Harris is one of those rare politicians willing to sink to the absolute lowest of lows. Her disgusting effort to shield pedophile priests in San Francisco is one of her least discussed, but arguably most egregious and unforgivable, examples of corruption. It’s incomprehensible to me that anyone can continue to support her after learning about this scandal:


In her seven years as district attorney, Harris’s office did not proactively assist in civil cases against clergy sex abuse and ignored requests by activists and survivors to access the cache of investigative files that could have helped them secure justice, according to several victims of clergy sex abuse living in California who spoke to The Intercept.


Politicians who are viewed favorably enough develop something called political capital. This is when a politician has enough support built-up that they can safely afford to sacrifice some of it in order to take a principled, moral stand on an issue that may not be popular with the public.

Kamala Harris wasted hers on jailing parents of students who didn’t show up to school (truancy). Aside from the moral bankruptcy of her position, this policy was also entirely impractical if the goal was really to improve school attendance. Are kids who were skipping school more likely to go to class if there isn’t a parent present to encourage them to go? Nope.

This is another example of her inability to prioritize.


While Attorney General, Harris’ team reviewed OneWest Bank and found “over a thousand violations of foreclosure laws” from 2009 to 2015. They requested a more thorough investigation, predicting they’d unravel thousands of other financial crimes, but Kamala Harris ordered them to drop the case. Who was the CEO of OneWest Bank? Trump’s now-Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin. More details about this from The Intercept right here.

By sheer coincidence the only Democrat running for Senate that Mnuchin donated to in 2016 was… wait for it… Kamala Harris.


Even in those rare instances when Kamala Harris has on the right side of an issue, she cannot be depended on to maintain it. She will say anything for votes and will abandon any and all of her purported principles if it means advancing her career. She’s not in the game to make the country better, she’s in it to enhance her own wealth and power. This has been repeatedly proven to be true, from walking back her support on Medicare for All and a Green New Deal to her willingness to shield bankers and pedophiles.

Kamala Harris cannot be reasonably trusted to have the best interests of the American middle-class at heart.

You still have a choice, America.

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