I’m sick to death of this election, same as you, but I’ll briefly lay out my final predictions as well as what needs to happen after.


The Democrats will gain 3-5 seats in the Senate. They’ll gain additional seats in the House, but I haven’t kept up with House races close enough to narrow down an estimate. That may be due to the fact that I really don’t care which branch of the Corporate Party wins because the difference is so damn negligible and the need for revolution will be inevitable.


Finally, I maintain my long-held prediction that Donald Trump will be re-elected, largely due to an underestimated and overdue surge of black and hispanic voters who have been loyal to the Democratic Party without results:

My electoral college predictions.

Above are the results I anticipate, state-by-state. I think Trump has a good shot at winning Pennsylvania, but I decided to be generous and gave Biden the edge. Michigan will also be close, but Obama’s betrayal of Flint is a serious sticking point for Michiganders. Whether they still hold enough resentment against the Democratic Party to snub Joe Biden remains to be seen. I suspect they do and I wouldn’t blame them.

I feel the corporate media, Hollywood, intelligence community, Silicon Valley, prominent Republicans, etc. would not be uniting and trying this hard to prop up a candidate as corrupt and demented as Joe Biden unless Trump posed a legit threat to the Establishment. And as a progressive who wants nothing less than for the Establishment to burn to the ground, Trump may be the only way to ensure the flames reach high enough.


Unless you still believe we can “push the Democrats to the Left”, which at this point is so naive it’s almost adorable, then the only solution regardless of who wins will be a revolution in the streets. There are no legal avenues of changing the laws if our lawmakers do not represent us. That should be obvious by now.

To restore democracy we need to “recall” all politicians from office (by whatever means required) and have special elections to refill each position. A short 90-day campaign for each job and this must commence under a public-only funding of elections with ranked-choice voting. This is an absolute priority. Corporations must never have a single seat at that table. One person, one vote. Contrary to the Supreme Court’s fascist Citizens United decision in 2010, corporations are not people.

The rest falls neatly into place because the majority is already on the same page on most tentpole issues. A majority supports ending regime-change wars, passing Medicare for All, a $15 minimum wage, raising taxes on the rich, breaking up Wall Street, tuition-free-college, legalizing marijuana, and a Green New Deal. Regardless of their political ideology, the majority of the middle-class is actually in agreement, issue-by-issue.

There are some social issues that lack a consensus, but the tentpole issues are as solid a foundation as any. And that’s all we need. A true democracy would make all the measures the majority agreed upon a reality, but instead we are offered Coke and Coke Zero. Either the sugar will give you diabetes or the fake sugar will give you cancer. What a choice, eh?


If you haven’t voted yet, remember that you do NOT have to choose between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. There is a none of the above option. If you lean libertarian, vote for Jo Jorgensen. If you lean progressive, vote for Howie Hawkins. But if you absolutely feel you must vote for the lesser of two evils, that person is Trump. Not Biden. There is nothing more dangerous than a Commander-in-Chief with dementia.

Stay safe out there.


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