Biden Won, America Lost


These are policies the Left is supposedly a champion of, closely aligning with the platforms of Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, the Green Party, and the People’s Party. Believe it or not, a majority of Americans strongly support these measures across the political spectrum. If America is an actual democracy, then why are none of these things happening? Cuz it isn’t, jack!

  • Medicare for All (Supported by 67% of Americans)
    Because healthcare is a human right, plus it’s also cheaper.
  • Green New Deal (Supported by 63%)
    Because inaction in response to the climate crisis means extinction.
  • Ending regime-change wars (Supported by 56%)
    Because killing innocents for natural resources is unjustifiable.
  • Breaking up the Big Banks (Supported by 50%)
    Because no industry should control 73% of the economy.
  • Public-only funding of elections (Supported by 77%)
    Because corporations shouldn’t influence elections.
  • Ending Mass Surveillance (Supported by 60%)
    Because violating privacy rights w/o a warrant is illegal.
  • Universal basic housing (READ THIS)
    Because there’s 6 empty houses for every 1 homeless person.
  • Drug decriminalization (Supported by 55%)
    Because addiction is a medical problem not a criminal one.
  • Tuition-free college (Supported by 63%)
    Because society benefits from a more-educated populace.
  • Defunding the police (59% support reform)
    Because sociopathic cops are killing citizens daily.
  • Universal basic income (UBI) (66% support during pandemic)
    Because it both boosts the economy and eliminates poverty.
  • $25 min wage (65% support $15/hr min wage)
    Because that’s exactly what it would be if still correlated to productivity.
  • Independent media (54% believe reporters misrepresent the facts)
    Because corporate media promotes a corporate narrative (duh).
  • Raising taxes on the rich (Supported by 64%)
    Because the top rate was 94% under FDR vs. 24% today.
  • Ending mass incarceration (Supported by 69%)
    Because caging human beings shouldn’t be profit-driven.

Joe Biden supports none of these policies.

And don’t tell me that he supports $15/hr minimum wage just because it’s in his platform. Obama ran an anti-war, pro-universal healthcare platform and delivered neither. Corporate candidates will promise you anything for your vote and then do the bidding of their corporate donors. Always. Every time. Full stop.

Even worse, Joe Biden played a significant role in creating these problems in the first place. Yet over 75+ million Americans still voted for him anyway (presuming the ballots were accurately counted, which would be insane in light of the Democratic Party’s proven history of rigging elections).

Most shocking to me is that he still captured 82% of the black vote, despite the fact that Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill, is the primary reason more blacks are under criminal supervision today than were ever slaves at any given moment in American history.

“Beyond the pale”

Further, Democrats are pushing for $1 billion in additional funding for the gestapo police that disproportionately murder hundreds of black men every year without consequence, who were heavily-militarized in the first place by George W. Bush and… wait for it… Barack Obama.

But hey, I’m white. I don’t mean to lecture but somebody less pale than myself needs to get the word out that the Democrats are not an ally of African Americans. Fortunately black figures like Ice Cube are stepping up and raising an alarm against blind allegiance to the Democratic Party. (And don’t get it twisted, because Republicans aren’t your friends either).


Let me be clear that I have never supported voting for the lesser of two evils, so by no means did I encourage voting for Donald Trump. But yes, Trump was the lesser evil when it came down to:

  • Gun control, because he banned bump stocks (legalized by Obama/Biden), add-on devices that turn semi-autos into machine guns, ergo reducing mass-shooting deaths
  • Healthcare, because all out-of-pocket costs were waived for COVID-19 patients
  • Immigration, because Trump deported half as many immigrants as Obama/Biden
  • Foreign policy, because while he intensified bombings in countries Obama/Biden were already bombing, he didn’t start any additional wars; Obama/Biden started five wars including a genocide in Yemen; Trump was also willing to sit down with dictators like Kim Jong-Un for the sake of diplomacy despite overwhelming criticism
  • Trade, because Trump killed the corporate TPP deal Obama/Biden hadn’t yet finalized
  • Financial relief, because the $1200 stimulus check we all received was still more than the one-time $250 check Obama/Biden issued to only 52 million Americans during the Great Recession

Trump’s repeated criticisms of the corporate media, CIA, and FBI were also refreshing and much-needed.

Again, I’m not saying Trump was good. He did far more wrong than he did right. But it should be noted that the awful measures he implemented… further deregulations of Wall Street, more tax cuts for corporations, funding for the border wall, increased military spending, fast-tracking conservative judges, confirming an alleged-rapist and a radical cult member to the Supreme Court, etc. were only possible with the complicity of Democrats in the House and Senate. All of these could have been blocked.

Trump’s biggest failing was his incompetence when it came to containing COVID-19, though it should be noted that when he issued the travel ban, the Democrats, including Joe Biden, criticized him as being xenophobic. Which means the Democratic Party cared more about making Trump look bad than addressing the serious crisis that was unfolding.

Biden’s handling of the H1N1 pandemic was equally abysmal, so Joe has never been in a position to criticize. If Trump had only issued a nationwide mask-mandate he would have gotten a passing grade for his overall pandemic response and likely won re-election in a landslide.

After all the pros and cons are tallied, Donald Trump was and remains the overwhelmingly the lesser danger. Yet liberals, of all people, are actually celebrating that a corrupt, demented, sociopathic rapist will be our next President. Some are behaving as if we just elected Bernie Sanders, the most popular candidate in the country who actually backed policies supported by the majority of Americans.

Biden represents… who, exactly? Wall Street. Defense contractors. Big Oil. Big Pharma. And he promises to veto Medicare For All even during a historic pandemic. Happy?


For those who didn’t bother to examine Joe Biden’s record (ie, all of his supporters) you will pay the price for your ignorance in time. Unfortunately, Americans will all have to share in the collective suffering to come, as well as the civilian victims abroad as Biden inevitably expands U.S. imperialism. At least Trump recognized that these wars have been a mistake and that ending them to afford programs at home was something worth aiming for.

In four years, once liberals finally understand that everything I’m saying is true, and presuming we’re still even a country by then, a Republican challenger who is far more competent and dangerous than Trump will run (and win) because Biden will be that goddamn awful. Same as Trump scared liberals into voting against their own interests, so too will it be with Joe Biden.


I’m not going to lie, the future looks grim for America. That is, unless a full-blown revolt in the streets overthrows the U.S. Empire or the Movement for a People’s Party successfully builds itself into a competitive organization to take down the entire corporate Establishment.

Liberals won’t have the courage for the former while Team Blue is in the White House (such is the nature of their blind-loyalty to the Democratic brand), but the latter is a real possibility. A People’s Party is likely America’s last chance at righting this ship before it slams into the proverbial iceberg and plunges into a permanently failed state. We might even be better off when, not if, the entire economy collapses into oblivion around March 2021 along with the plunging of the dollar itself. That could very well collapse the federal government entirely and result in mob rule. Fortunately the majority is on the same page so that could work itself out in the end, but the transition would be a bloody mess.


You can be happy that Donald Trump lost, but any liberal actually cheering that Joe Biden won should be deeply ashamed. The ignorance on the Left truly breaks my heart because, as a progressive, I am now witnessing my own side of the aisle collapse upon itself due to woeful ignorance and hyperbolic fear.

The Left lost it’s mind so thoroughly that it just elected an even more far-right President than Trump, betraying their own liberal/progressive values and principles, and losing any moral high-ground they once held in the process. If you think such inexcusable hypocrisy won’t have long-term consequences, you are very, very mistaken.

Shame on anyone who thinks this is a day worth celebrating. This is a time to mourn because the majority of the country accepted the false choice between a mentally-retarded far-right clown and a mentally-demented far-right soon-to-be-hospice patient.

America, which is no longer a democracy but a Corporate Oligarchy, offered voters Coke or Coke Zero. Either the sugar will give you diabetes or the fake sugar will give you cancer. But there was a glass of sparkling water on the table in the form of the Green Party yet less than 1% of Americans drank it. Instead, an overwhelming majority willingly guzzled down the poison.


Now we must brace for more wars, more income inequality, more cops killing citizens with impunity… but without the pushback. Why? Because liberals don’t protest when Team Blue wins. This is how the partisan game is played. They didn’t care when Obama/Biden were putting immigrant kids in cages and then negligently releasing them to child-sex traffickers, did they? No. In fact, most of them still deny that even happened.

This is all on you, liberals, you myopic champions of nothing. The blood that will soon flow will be on your hands, not mine or any other principled voter who refused to vote for Donald Trump or Joe f’n Biden.

5 thoughts on “Biden Won, America Lost

  1. Where is the democracy? Where is the fair elections? Where is the irony of the USA is fair and oversees other countries over their democratic elections? Why is the media covering up everything negative for Biden? What are they afraid of? What about the children desapearing?
    What about Hollywood child molesters? Who is it that they re covering and why?


    1. You’re welcome. Be sure to follow my new Substack, launching by February 1st. More in-depth articles will be re-posted on American Revolt, but Substack will be the almost-daily page being updated.


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