Drone Strikes Are War Crimes

Drone strike assassinations in places where a declaration of war has not been made are international war crimes. China can’t just fly armed drones over Sacramento to bump Governor Newsom, right? As much as those of us in California might appreciate the assist, clearly that would set a bad precedent. No American wants robot assassins (foreign or otherwise) flying in our skies.

Yet that is exactly what the U.S. has done with impunity in numerous countries across the globe: Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Niger, Algeria. Those are some, not all, of the countries we’ve illegally bombed with armed drones under Obama (with little complaint from liberals) and Trump (liberals were too distracted by Russiagate propaganda to care).

Putting the ignorant neoliberal cheerleaders aside, why has the rest of the world tolerated the U.S. Empire committing so many war crimes on a regular basis? Because everyone else is too terrified of the imperialist sociopaths who run the nuclear-armed U.S. Empire.

But mostly because we did this:

America still remains the only country to ever use a nuclear weapon on another nation. Which was, in itself, a war crime. Because America is just that fucking crazy.

We’ve been an imperialist, bloodthirsty Empire for over 75 years and the body count just keeps going higher and higher as the draconian theft of natural resources and the slaughtering of civilians continues to ramp up unabated. The Empire really kicked into high gear when the Bush Administration used the 9-11 attacks to gin up support for the War on Terror (which was really just a green light for the U.S. to become the largest committer of global terrorism). Then Obama, running as an anti-war candidate, won the White House and continued Bush’s two wars, expanding them to seven, and somehow still won a Nobel Peace Prize. While Trump did not expand the wars, he did continue the ones that had already been started but with even greater intensity.

It’s important to realize how foolish it is to hope that the U.S. Empire will cease invading and pillaging other nations. There is no reason to believe that sociopaths who run the show will spontaneously develop empathy anytime soon. Or ever. The longer the war machine operates the more it becomes an emboldened and cemented force. The rest of the world would be wise to stop kicking the can down the road and put down an overdue foot. If nations joined together in agreement to sanction the United States, to cease international trade with America, that would put forward enough economic pressure to maybe… just maybe… inspire a change in direction.

Or American citizens themselves could finally wake the hell up, get off their lazy asses, and overthrow their own corrupt government. If we don’t, foreign powers eventually will. Climate change alone ensures that the clock is ticking closer to an endgame for the Empire problem. This would undoubtedly spark a far messier and global conflict. In order to prevent a World War and mitigate bloodshed, Americans must wage a second American Revolution.

We already have the numbers. We just need to find the will to organize, plan, and execute. And we must act soon.

#WakeUpAmericans #EndTheWars #REVOLT

Note that Obama was the one who first made it legal for the U.S. Empire to use drones
to assassinate American citizens.

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