The Juice is Worth the Squeeze

There is a major cognitive dissonance in America when it comes to war, namely the uncomfortable fact that there hasn’t been a single necessary war nor has a single one officially been declared since WWll ended. And yet the U.S. has killed an additional 20-30 million civilians since.

“Worth the Price? Joe Biden and the Launch of the Iraq War.”
There’s a reason the U.S. Empire wanted Joe Biden in the Oval Office.



That makes the American Empire a terrorist organization by any objective and honest measure. Hitler killed six million Jews and is considered to be one of the most infamous supervillains of the past, a true epitome of evil. But in terms of sheer body count, Hitler takes a backseat to the U.S. Empire.

Hitler established a dictatorship, took over Germany, then exported his terror. The American Empire attempted the reverse by taking over the rest of the world first, silencing the media from reporting as much of it as possible, in order to then save its own unsuspecting, ignorant citizens for last, the very same taxpayers who funded their global imperialism. American citizens have already been subjected to inverted totalitarianism for at least two decades. That’s a very important term to learn and understand.

Fortunately, Americans in 2020 have at least woken up to the fact that our justice system, from private prisons to law enforcement, has been corrupted. Yet we’ve become so brainwashed by Empire that many of these same “enlightened” Americans still cling to viewing our troops in a positive light, as people to be honored for their service.

What they fail to realize is that our troops overseas today are our gestapo cops tomorrow. Just as they are trigger-happy and bloodthirsty to kill civilians in middle-eastern countries, they are just as trigger-happy and bloodthirsty when unleashed on the streets of America with a badge and a gun. The vet-to-cop program now accounts for 20% of the police force today. (Gee, I wonder why the media doesn’t report this?) Anyone anti-cop but also pro-military is a hypocrite, whether wittingly or unwillingly.

There is nothing honorable about volunteering to be a paid-killer for imperialism. Invading and pillaging is what pirates do, not good soldiers.

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Once you accept the truth, that the U.S. Government is a corporate terrorist organization with no electoral means of being reformed, then we can collectively take action to finally topple what history will regard as the Fourth Reich.

I believe the following is truly the most effective, expedient, non-violent, and realistic means that We The People have of ending the U.S. Empire:

An estimated 3.2- 5.2 million Americans participated in the Women’s March of 2017. We need only replicate that but concentrated in DC, surrounding both the White House and Congress, while both buildings are as occupied as possible. Roughly 500,000 protestors would need to be armed, staggered along the edge of the crowd to form a defensive perimeter. These are suitable enough numbers to yield results.

Any negative response from the gestapo would be negligible due to the sheer mass of the crowd, but we’d be wise to prepare for it. They couldn’t mow us down since the media wouldn’t be able to resist filming (RE: ratings). That would be bad marketing for the Empire’s brand.

If the cops tried to pick anyone out of the crowd for arrest, the rest of us could dog-pile on the pigs to free our own. Fiercely protecting our members and maintaining our strength in numbers would be central for this plan to succeed.

We would then make our simple demand: RESIGN.

Refuse to leave until they all comply and replace them with a People’s Legislature. One person, one vote. Zero corporate money. Once those baseline mechanisms are put into place, the rest works itself out. And by that I mean the vast majority of Americans are already in agreement on most issues of consequence. Democracy is the main ingredient we’ve been missing.

At that point we could have Medicare for All. Universal basic income. Rent relief. Tuition-free college. Equitable taxation. A living wage. Then we could prioritize climate change. Ending the wars. Legalizing marijuana. Banning private prisons. Breaking up the banks. Taxing the rich. Etc.

Issue by issue, a growing majority of Americans have reached consensus, which would normally be the hardest step in the aftermath of a revolution. Actual representation in positions of power is all we need. Hell, let’s toss an app together that allows every American to place a vote on major issues; a more direct democracy. When all People are finally heard the collective rounds up to a progressive voice by default.


In our very touch-and-go year of 2020, most Americans have at least thought about or discussed the “what if” possibilities that could arise with mass civil unrest. Everyone wants to do something, but everyone is afraid to do anything. My expectation is that such a bold protest effort would have a ripple effect across the country and spark more of the same at the local and state levels. Large enough numbers means no shots fired.

In a country of 330 million with a growing number of Americans already facing economic hardship with a foreclosure and eviction crisis still pending, it really shouldn’t be that hard to find enough recruits. The sooner we act the better, but descending on Washington when it’s warm enough for protestors to be outside 24/7 should be a practical consideration to plan for.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe we have a right to form a citizen-armed militia to overthrow a government that proves itself tyrannical. It’s basically the entire rationale behind the 2nd Amendment, so we’d have a very Constitutional foundation to launch our a morally-obligated revolution.

Worst case scenario? Law enforcement would open fire on a crowd and trigger foreign intervention. Such a flagrant violation of human rights broadcast for the whole world to see would put the U.S. Empire on notice and inspire even greater rebellion. They know better than to risk such a severe backlash. And best case scenario? They comply with our demands. There really is no middle-ground between success and failure. They can’t succeed at stopping a protest of such magnitude without triggering an even bigger response, ergo fueling the very revolution they wish to end. This perpetual cycle means we ultimately win. Every time.

Once Congress and the White House (and the Pentagon) realizes this they would have no choice but to concede. Power will inevitably be returned to the People, so they might as well skip the escalations and cut straight to a peaceful transition of power.

Now let’s get to work. You can start by sharing this article on social media. Let’s try to generate more discussion and iron out ideas, compare notes, etc. The more people are talking about the subject of revolution the more probable revolution becomes.

#PeoplesLegislature #PeoplesParty #GeneralStrike #REVOLT

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