At what point will Americans recognize that the U.S. Government has already declared an outright war against it’s own people?

Whether it’s denying us universal healthcare, denying access to affordable education, suppressing the right to choose, denying justice in the face of police brutality, suppressing the right to vote, denying clean water to cities like Flint, shielding murderers that wear a badge, or putting citizens in cages for smoking a plant that cures cancer, it is overwhelmingly obvious that the American Gestapo does NOT represent the desires of the people.

Instead, the Empire uses over half our tax dollars to fund unprovoked wars across the globe under the guise of a “War on Terror” while hypocritically committing acts of terrorism. Over 4+ million civilians have already been killed since 1990. By the end of 2018, Yemen is facing a death toll over three times as large as the Holocaust due to Saudi Arabian, U.S.-funded genocide. Israel now receives 10 million in foreign aide from the U.S. while Israeli snipers continue to kill unarmed Palestinians on camera for all the world to see. 

When will enough of us realize that the only way to end this cycle of oppression and violence is to forcibly remove our oppressors from power?

It’s been decades of this ongoing assault and all we do is complain and cross our fingers. Our marches, our petitions, our votes will NOT reverse what is already well underway. Why? Because America isn’t a democracy. It’s an Oligarchy. And without the ability to significantly change who the law-makers are in Washington, what hope is there for changing laws that permit our growing oppression?

It’s time we stopped bending over to the whims of the corrupt, stopped following the laws designed to keep us in our place, stopped working for a system designed to reward the wealthy and punish the poor, and FIRE BACK with everything we have at our disposal. This is indeed a war, a war we can never win if we refuse to have the courage to participate. We’ve been shot at for long enough.

It’s time to put some skin in the game. It’s time to care again.



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