I’ve asked “Blue No Matter Who” liberals to explain to me why I should vote for Joe Biden without mentioning Trump and not one person has been able to do so. Maybe it’s because Biden and Trump have way more in common than the corporate media is willing to admit.

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Gov. Kim Reynolds: Pro-Life Radical

Iowa just made it impossible for women to have an abortion after a mere 6-weeks of pregnancy. It’s my understanding that most women don’t even realize that they’re pregnant until around that time, so this isn’t mere regulation. This is essentially a state-wide ban on abortion and an outright violation of a woman’s right to […]

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Gun Control? Try Poverty Control

Think about the regions that tend to be the most unyielding about their 2nd Amendment rights. These are low-income areas which correlate with higher crime rates due to desperate survival instincts that naturally trigger from hitting rock bottom. That’s the trickle-down system working exactly as designed. Being made reliant on such a failed system breeds fierce resentment. […]

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